Bad Boys Pest Control Company cooperates with Christian New Life Association to help people recovering from drug addiction and integrate into society

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 October 2021 – The establishment of Bad Boys Pest Control Company was inspired by the Badboys Bakery founded by Gordon Ramsay. Through the cooperation with the “Christian New Life Association”, they established a pest control company mainly with drug rehabilitation and rehabilitation staff as the core employees. This cooperation is mainly combined with the “Ark Operation” of the “Christian New Life Association” Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center. The Bad Boys Pest Control Company will provide the residents of the “Ark Operation” Yuen Long Training Center with pest management, pest control methods and decontamination. The vocational skills training of formaldehyde helps them prepare for rejoining the society.


The “Christian New Life Association” which cooperates with Bad Boys Pest Control Company was founded by a group of people and Christians who are willing to respond to the call of God. They are based on the gospel, to help the recipients to be released from various bondages, and to assist the recipients Integrate life, develop personal potential, rebuild healthy interpersonal relationships, and integrate into society. These institutions are well aware that drug abuse is often only a sign of potential socio-psychological problems, and therefore attach great importance to providing comprehensive care. The ultimate goal is not only to help the recipients to get rid of drugs, but also to establish a new healthy lifestyle.


Most of the employees of Bad Boys Pest Control Company were drug addicts who are eager to be accepted by society. Therefore, they can help customers solve pest management problems by training them on the skills of pest control, termite control, post-renovation cleaning, and formaldehyde removal services. In order to improve the lives of customers, for both parties, the slogan of Bad Boys Pest Control Company “Life Changing Experience” can be implemented, and the service fees will be returned to the church. As a past person, we will lead by example to help more drug addicts regain a new life. Relevant training and work make drug addicts feel that they have contributed to the society, thereby gaining a sense of satisfaction, and guiding drug dependents to become responsible and ethical citizens.


In order to provide better services to customers for drug abusers, Bad Boys Termite Control Company will provide vocational training for residents of the “Ark Operation” Yuen Long Training Center. In addition to professional pest management services, there are also rodent control and commercial customer pest control and prevention services. Introduction to service-related industries, safety rules for various appliances and equipment, safe implementation of deratization procedures, and skills training on cleaning after renovation, formaldehyde removal, and household disinfection, so that they can develop in more aspects. There is also household pest control. After-care procedures and instructions for site managers, infection control, pre-occupation cleaning and nano-natural disinfection services, training of personal literacy and job hunting skills.