CNN’s ‘Going Green’ spotlights the eco-warriors striving to tackle the effects of climate change

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A week of special coverage airs November 1-5, with a 30-minute program on November 7

HONG KONG, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On the next episode of ‘Going Green‘, CNN meets the changemakers and sustainability champions finding solutions to some of our biggest environmental challenges. From coral gardeners to environmental educators, CNN hears from the innovators making the way we eat, live and even die on our planet that little bit greener.

CNN’s ‘Going Green’ spotlights the eco-warriors striving to tackle the effects of climate change
CNN’s ‘Going Green’ spotlights the eco-warriors striving to tackle the effects of climate change

For Xoli Fuyani, children are the future custodians of our planet. An environmental teacher in Cape Town’s largest township, she believes that in order to inspire young generations to respect the environment, we must develop their knowledge of the natural world. Through her educational programmes, she hopes to inspire the next generation of eco-warriors.

Climate change is causing irreversible damage to our coral reefs worldwide. The north coast of Jamaica hasn’t been spared, as a series of natural and man-made disasters have severely impacted the local reefs. After spending four decades as a fisherman, Everton Simpson is now part of a team of coral gardeners who have been tasked with the restoration of coral reefs in nurseries and fish sanctuaries in the region.

The impact we have on our planet is all too familiar, but it turns out our deaths can be detrimental to the natural world, too. Conventional burials take up valuable urban land and can cause chemicals to seep into the earth, while cremation relies on fossil fuels and emits carbon dioxide. Dutch inventor Bob Hendrikx thinks a solution can be found in nature – specifically, in mushrooms, which he calls "nature’s recycler". Hendrikx has designed the world’s first "living coffin" from mycelium, the root network of fungi. The coffin helps the body decompose more efficiently while also removing toxic substances and enriching the soil where new trees and plants can grow.

Designer Elora Hardy thinks bamboo might be the material of the future. In her studio in Bali, Indonesia, Hardy designs whimsical spaces inspired by nature and made almost entirely from bamboo. Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable building materials – it is plentiful in river valleys throughout Asia and can regenerate quickly.

The environmental costs associated with consuming livestock are huge, making the need to find sustainable and high-protein alternatives paramount. For Brooklyn-based chef Joseph Yoon, insects could be one solution. There are over 2,000 types of edible insects with different flavor profiles and textures, and Yoon is determined to show they can be a delicious and nutritious addition to our diet. Yoon’s kitchen in Brooklyn is a testing ground where the culinary potential of every insect is unlocked.

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Airtimes for 30-minute special:
Sunday, 7th November at 6pm HKT
Monday, 8th November at 8:30am HKT

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