Pretty Beauty Group introduces LDM® technology to treat and lighten wounds

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 15 November 2021 – Our skin is so delicate that­­­ stubborn scars caused by issues from acnes to postpartum stretch marks and subcutaneous tissue injuries seem to never fade once they are formed on our skin. While time surely can heal all wounds, Pretty Beauty Group presents to you our new LDM® (Local Dynamic Micro-Massage) device that can quicken the healing process. Developed by Wellcomet Technology, the new LDM® device combines technologies using thermal energy, biochemistry and mechanics that penetrate deep skin tissues with no pain and side effects. It helps repair skin cells and boost their regenerative power at the roots, thus activating our body’s self-healing process and greatly shortening the scarring process, resulting in an overall smoothing of wounds and a reduced appearance of scars.


Pretty Beauty Group’s Groundbreaking LDM® triple waves ultrasonic technology to repair and rejuvenate

Pretty Beauty Group’s LDM® device uses a patented technology that is beneficial for treating scarring issues. The latest and most upgraded beauty device from the line, LDM®Noblesse is equipped with triple waves ultrasonic technology that can penetrate deep skin tissues and tackle skin problems at the root. Developed by the German leading scientific research team Wellcomet Technology, this device uses technologies combining thermal energy, biochemistry, and mechanics to exploit the effect of ultrasound as fully as possible. Making use of three different ultrasonic frequencies, which helps stimulate and repair the cells of each skin layer.


3 frequencies to tackle skin inflammation issues from acne, wrinkles to stretch marks

Our skin structure is divided into three layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The patented triple-waves ultrasonic technology LDM® Noblesse makes use of the instantaneous change between three frequencies from 1MHz, 3MHz to 10MHz to power a deep penetration into each skin layer within a second, filling up our dermis and hypodermis with moisture and structure which help clear acnes, blackheads, and pigment, tighten sagging skin and smoothen wrinkles. LDM®️Noblesse can also treat troublesome cellulite and stretch marks for pregnant ladies. The highest 10MHz ultrasonic frequency transmitted into 0.3cm depth under our skin layer helps tighten and lighten wrinkles, hence revitalizing our skin to prenatal smoothness.

Treating stubborn scars with no pain, scars, or side effects

Scars form due to excessive cell proliferation during the skin healing process. LDM® Noblesse’s gentle and painless treatment combines technologies using thermal energy, biochemistry and mechanics that helps repair the tearing of capillaries in the epidermis and promote their growth to produce a large amount of VEGF that stops wounds from opening repeatedly, thus reducing the chance of forming scars. For wounds and scars that have already existed, the device’s high-quality ultrasound probe made of titanium helps remove dead skin cells and accelerate the shedding of scab and the overall healing process.

Renew your skin in a 28 days golden cycle

Pretty Beauty Group’s LDM® cell regeneration technology promotes collagen proliferation and replenishes hyaluronic acid in our skin through high-frequency ultrasound waves. The anti-aging Glycosaminoglycan is used to lock in the moisture for our skin, encourage the growth of skin cells and replace the damaged cells within a golden skin renewal cycle of 28 days against aggressors such as weather changes, which tend to make our skin prone to dryness, redness, peeling and sensitivity.

About Pretty Beauty Group

Pretty Beauty Group has been established for 36 years since 1985 and has 16 branches in the premium locations across Hong Kong. Pretty Beauty Group’s beauty equipments meet strict international standards to ensure that it offers exceptional beauty services that are safe, hygienic, and reliable. Delivered by professional and experienced aestheticians, the treatments will grant you confidence and pleasure. To learn more about beauty, skin, and body shape treatments, please visit