Holman Management Consultant provides corporate advisory services to SMEs in Hong Kong, to adapt to new trends in digital marketing

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 19 November 2021  The relationship between the epidemic and the changing trends in the global marketing environment have caused the urgency of digital transformation for many companies. Holman Management Consultant pointed out that companies must first clarify their adaptability and goals, and then establish and deploy, to truly play the role of digital marketing.


During the epidemic, many traditional industries have not kept up with the pace of digital transformation and online services. Therefore, many businesses have been impacted and have to reduce their scale or declare bankruptcy. Companies must stand out from their competitors in the fiercely competitive market through opening online stores, online store platforms, or APP production. However, these methods are not enough. The company should first clarify its target customers and their needs to strengthen business-to-customer interaction to establish strong customer loyalty.


In response to the challenges faced by Hong Kong companies under the epidemic and the changes in the global business environment, the government has launched several different SME marketing funds and SME funding schemes, including the BUD special fund and the technology voucher applications. Through the SME funding scheme, it is aimed to help SMEs to regain their business confidence. If one would like to apply for SME funds, one should find an experienced corporate consultant for consultations to solve any complicated problems that may arise in the application process. Holman Management Consultant is a comprehensive business consulting company. The professional business consultant team has extensive experience in applying for government enterprise support programs.

Holman Management Consultant provides professional consulting services for Hong Kong SMEs for government funding applications. The services cover different types of government funding for SMEs, to provide customers with practical solutions to solve potential issues and improve operational efficiency.


The epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of physical stores. Coupled with the government’s investment of resources for SMEs, companies must boldly seek change while remaining flexible and innovative to open up to more customers globally.


About Holman Management Consultant

Holman is a comprehensive IT service company that provides professional services such as online stores development, website development, and application development systems.

Holman has a team of professional corporate consultants, experienced in applying for government funding.

The company provides professional consulting services for small-to-medium-sized Hong Kong enterprises to apply for government funding. As of mid-2019, Holman has assisted more than 300 Hong Kong large, small and medium enterprises and organizations for various government funding funds applications, including technology voucher applications and EMF SME marketing funds, to help their clients make good use of government resources and enhance market competitiveness.