Flint Ideas helps local young people to create their own brand

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 November 2021 – More and more young generations start their own businesses. With the rise of individualism, the new generations are using their brands to convey personal messages. In addition, there are now many different types of platforms for everyone to sell their design brands, influencing more young generations to create their own design lives.


T-shirts have become the first production choice for many self-made brands as it is the most direct medium for creators in expressing ideas. It enables the public to express personality, lifestyle, and even personal stories through T-shirts. It is about dressing up to tell others: ‘I am what I wear’.


Flint Ideas” is one of the most professional uniform companies in Hong Kong. By acknowledging the dreams of many young people, the company has launched a whole-packaged fashion uniform design service that enables customers to express their creative ideas. The company would then provide the most professional advice, such as how fabric and printing technology could affect design and price, depending on the customers’ needs.


Flint Ideas Spark Creation‘ has a wealth of experience in garment production, as it has undertaken various types of garment customization. In addition to providing Tee ordering services, customized wind jackets, baseball jackets, down jackets, quilted cotton, team shirts, Polo shirts, class Tee, uniforms, aprons, and various sports shirts could be customized to enable more creative freedom for young people with entrepreneurial dreams.


‘Flint Ideas’ understands that many start-up brands have a limit on the number of production orders. Therefore, small order amount would not be a problem for “Flint Ideas”. The emergence of small local brands is of great significance to the new generation. This would provide richer choices to the market.


About Flint Ideas Spark Creation

“Flint Ideas” is one of the most professional uniform and shirt printing companies in Hong Kong. The product range includes team shirts, class shirts, class jackets, wind jackets, sweatshirts, printed Tee & uniforms, and suits. The company is a self-built workshop with a modern production line and technical equipment. The quality of their products has always fulfilled each requirement of their customers, given that the production of their shirts, team shirts, and uniforms, has undergone strict quality control procedures. “Flint Ideas” has always insisted on exquisite craftsmanship, affordable prices, and professional services. Therefore, the company has gained the trust and support of its customers, thanks to the good reputation from various schools, uniform teams, and many commercial organizations.