BEC EnviroSeries Conference aims to “Redefine Business Leadership for Green Growth”

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Photo: EnviroSeries Conference event banner / BEC

This Wednesday (1 Dec), the Business Environment Council hosts a new conference for “Transforming Business for Sustainability”.  

Bringing together entrepreneurs, sustainability experts and industry-interested viewers, the BEC’s latest conference aims to redefine business leadership for long-term business sustainability within the context of the new post-COVID normal.

COVID-19 has left an unprecedented mark on global markets and supply chains. Within the past few months, shipping rates reached multi-year highs and global shortages in numerous goods have driven faster-than-expected inflation worldwide. These emerging risks are challenging businesses to both find solutions short and long-term disruptions.

Transforming Business for Sustainability seeks to identify key megatrends in the post-COVID business space, and set new priorities for businesses to achieve sustainability under the new normal. 

The conference is split into five sessions, each featuring a different set of keynote speakers.

  • Session 1: Setting New Priorities for Business

  • Session 2: Are you Thinking Circular?

  • Session 3: Connecting Nature with Business

  • Session 4: Embracing Innovation in a Changing Landscape

  • Session 5: Pursuing Climate Readiness and Transparency


Keynote speakers include:

  • Session 1: Peter Bakker — President & CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

  • Session 2: Harald Tepper — Senior Director of Sustainable Development at Philips, 

  • Session 4: Jonathan Chiu — President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong

  • Session 5: Sophie Punte — Managing Director at the We Mean Business coalition.

Last year’s conference, titled “Business Sustainability in the midst of Disruption, Turbulence and Recovery” focused on issues on livability including the need for ‘people-centred design’ in dense cities like Hong Kong.

To learn more about BEC and the Enviroseries Conference, visit their website. Online tickets are free with advanced registration.