Goldpac Group awarded Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the Daily Mirror

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HONG KONG, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 9th "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Awards" award ceremony hosted by the Daily Mirror was held in Hong Kong on December 1. Goldpac Group (03315.HK) is recognized with the "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award" for its positive corporate image and responsible management towards social responsibility, customer commitment, environmental protection, employee care and shareholder responsibility.

During its pursuit for the overall development of the enterprise, Goldpac Group has always placed great importance on corporate social responsibility and is devoted to the mission of serving the interests of citizens. Focusing on providing citizens with convenience, value and benefit, Goldpac Group has been actively engaged in delivering intelligent products and services serving social security, transportation, medical care, government affairs and other fields, and is committed to providing more convenient, safer and more user-friendly service experiences. All this while striving for achievements through hard work and taking ownership of its responsibilities in a sincere and responsible way.

It is the duty of every fintech enterprise to safeguard China’s financial security and protect its core technologies. Through years of technology accumulation, Goldpac Group independently launched the domestic security chip operating system, this chip system incorporates independent intellectual property rights, provides high levels of safety and controllability, and can eliminate potential security risks. Moreover, it is built for an open security application ecosystem, which reliably and effectively places core information and technologies in its own hands.

"Green environmental protection" will become a new trend in industrial development. Over the past 30 years, Goldpac Group has always adhered to the exploration of innovative applications of cutting-edge technologies, and has actively subscribed to the concept of green and low-carbon living. It has developed many types of environmental protection products, and has jointly built a new green payment ecology with customers. From the traditional PVC card, to recycled materials, biodegradable materials, biological base material processing and production, these series of environmental protection card products not only effectively reduce the cost of issuing cards, but also save social resources. Every step of which moves towards the positive practice of social responsibility and the green management of Goldpac Group.

Being awarded the "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award" is both an affirmation and an encouragement for Goldpac Group. In the future, Goldpac Group will continue to shoulder this social responsibility through innovation and practical work. It will organically unify commercial value with social value, and promote the establishment and growth of a safe payment industry ecology with innovative science and technologies while boosting the high-quality development of China’s financial independent payment industry.

About Goldpac Group Limited (Stock Code: 03315.Hk)

Goldpac established in 1993, was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013. As one of the earliest Fintech enterprises in China, with nearly 30 years’ of successful experience and a leading global technology portfolio, Goldpac is committed to its core vision of "Making Transactions More Secure and Convenient". Goldpac specializes in delivering embedded software, secure payment products and digital equipment for global customers in the field of intelligent secure payment, and providing data processing services, system platforms and other total solutions for customers in a wide business range including financial, government, healthcare, transportation and retails by leveraging innovative financial technology.