LESSO Upgrades its Brand Strategy in the Hope of Accelerating Development in the Next Decade

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HONG KONG, CHINA – Media Outreach – 6 December 2021 – China Lesso has upgraded its brand strategy comprehensively, unveiled a brand-new logo, and sped up its pace towards Branding 4.0 on its 35th anniversary.

Throughout the long history of human development, the relationship between human and nature is one of the main universal themes that evolve constantly. Impacted by social development, balancing environmental sustainability and social progression has become the core of daily life for Chinese citizens. For people’s well-being, it is imperative to build green, livable, and efficient ideal cities.


China Lesso (https://en.lesso.com/) believes that the world will be a better place while all sectors of society work together to build a healthy and organic human environment and living space. To achieve the Big Ideal, Lesso shall adhere to new brand values of “Focusing on product quality, insisting on creativity, creating high-value products and services for society”, and to fulfill its brand promise of “Striving for a sustainable, healthy and beautiful life”. It is hoping to gather insight across the industry to create a wonderful living space for people to live in harmony with nature. China Lesso will continue providing high-quality building materials as well as household products and services for human-nature coexistence, helping upgrade cities and residences, and exploring the potential for sustainable urban development.


China Lesso has also explicitly stated its brand positioning and strategic orientation for a promising future. In the next decade, China Lesso is committed to becoming a global group for manufacturing and supplying piping and building materials and offering an eco-industrial platform for humanistic environment and living spaces. Giving full play to its core values as much as possible, China Lesso will facilitate the construction of humanistic and healthy green buildings with high-quality pipelines, building materials, and home furnishings. In addition, China Lesso will also endeavor to optimize the construction of urban infrastructure and promote sustainable urban and town development; strengthen intelligent industrial management and support the modernization and upgrade of traditional industries; and provide high-quality technical products and services for national megaprojects.


In terms of visual identity, the redesigned logo not only extends brand equity with 35 years of history, it also brings forward new connotation, which better illustrates the trends of modern design. It consists of two components, “LESSO” in English and “Liansu” in Chinese. For the innovative design of the English logo, China Lesso was inspired by its brand slogan “Envisioning the better, Building the future”, and adopted a circle as the framework of the English logo to highlight the characteristics of the pipeline industry and create a great sense of visual coordination.


To fully embody the concept of “Envisioning the better, Building the future”, Lesso has incorporated every English letter into the circle, with all right-angle corners of letters softened, to greatly enhance brand affinity. In addition, the proportions between letters are optimized with well-designed spacing to improve integrity and legibility of the brand name.


For the design of the Chinese logo, China Lesso chose to unify the width of each stroke visually by weakening the traditional sense brought by the contrast of the width of strokes and increasing the sense of modernity. The design technique of the English letters was also adopted for the stroke design of the Chinese characters to integrate them with the perfect circle to augment the large rounded corners feature, which works with the affinity of the font and shortens the distance between the brand and consumers.


In terms of color optimization, red is an important brand visual asset of Lesso. Therefore, China Lesso retained the colour red as the theme and made the tone more conspicuous by increasing its brightness and saturation, which reduces the traditional industrial sense that the color normally conveyed to us, making the brand stands out among other brands at first glance, and improving Lesso’s brand recognition. Learn more about Lesso’s rebranding from this video: https://youtu.be/UX5AltnPWmM


The brand upgrade channels China Lesso’s good expectations for brand and social development. In the future, China Lesso will move forward with practical actions, and constant innovation, providing better urban construction and living space for everyone, building green, livable, and efficient ideal cities, gathering wisdom and strength of the whole society, and striving for sustainable healthy and beautiful life.


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