MIYAVI and KLKTN Unveil “Month of MIYAVI” commemorating MIYAVI’s 20th anniversary debut

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HONG KONG, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KLKTN (Kollektion), a curated NFT platform connecting artists with fans, today unveiled its upcoming "Month of MIYAVI," a project that will commence from January 2022 on its platform (klktn.com). The project is part of a collaboration with MIYAVI that started in October 2021, where MIYAVI has been releasing a series of different NFTs on KLKTN.  

"In celebration of MIYAVI’s 20th anniversary as an artist, we wanted to create a new kind of experience for MIYAVI’s fans," said Jeff Miyahara, Chief Creative Officer of KLKTN. "The experience starts with a Holiday Virtual Party on December 25, 2021, a live virtual event hosted by MIYAVI and KLKTN where fans from the US, Japan and globally can participate online. If you are interested in participating in the "Virtual Holiday Party" – please click here:

Virtual Holiday Party – https://klktn.com/creators/miyavi/holiday-party

The "Month of MIYAVI" will officially commence on January 2, 2022, and it will be a month of curated events, drops and experiences, including an official "Fender guitar NFT" for MIYAVI’s Telecaster guitar, created in partnership with Fender. This unique NFT will be available for fans that purchase all 11 MIYAVI Moments NFTs on KLKTN. These lucky fans will also go into the draw to be randomly selected to win the actual Telecaster guitar as a prize.

In addition, fans that have become members are also invited to participate in a private Discord* channel which will provide up-to-date information on all the activities that are happening in the "Month of MIYAVI."

* Online communication https://discord.com/

About Month of MIYAVI 

The following items will be available for purchase on KLKTN for a month starting from January 2, 2022 at https://klktn.com/creators/miyavi

  1. MIYAVI KLKTN Pass – Access to a private Discord channel to unlock fun community events and win free NFTs.
  2. Moments – An insider’s look at MIYAVI’s behind-the-scenes moments in the form of photos and videos.
  3. ArtKards – Beautiful digital artworks inspired by MIYAVI’s new "Imaginary" Album.
  4. Kodex – Digital booklet of liner notes. An immersive music experience and an innovative music collectible.
  5. Fender Official Guitar NFT (MIYAVI TELECASTER®) – The first official Fender Guitar NFT for MIYAVI TELECASTER guitar gifted as a perk if you collect all of MIYAVI’s Moments.
  6. Special Editions from the Hush Hush Music Video – Artworks and parts of the new music video in the form of collectibles and comes with premium perks such as photocards and unseen video commentary.

The NFT digital collectibles that will be available in the "Month of MIYAVI’ will also see an exciting series of Special Editions that will include MIYAVI’s song "Hush Hush", which features renowned Korean singer, Kang Daniel.

"The experience of working with MIYAVI was great," said Kang Daniel. "If it wasn’t for COVID, it would have been great to meet and work together in person with MIYAVI on the song. However, we are grateful to still have done things remotely, and meet via video calls. MIYAVI is so passionate and creative, and it was an absolute honour to work with him on this song." 

"Next year, I’m marking my 20th anniversary as a solo artist and to open this commemorating year, I’m excited to announce the ‘Month of MIYAVI’, partnering up with KLKTN. I want to stay hungry and keep challenging myself to explore new possibilities to interact and connect with you all through new technology. Don’t miss it!" said MIYAVI.

Most recently, KLKTN collaborated with global pop star Kimbra, a two-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist; Kevin Woo, a Korean-American singer-songwriter; and Shinichi Osawa, a world-renowned musician, composer, and producer best known under his stage name Mondo Grosso. New artworks will continue to be released in the coming weeks exclusively on KLKTN. Media assets for KLKTN’s project "Month of MIYAVI" are available for download at https://bit.ly/3FjJrHL.


KLKTN is a curated NFT platform connecting artists with fans through special experiences. The platform allows fans to access special edition digital art and behind-the-scenes moments of artists’ creative process. In collaboration with top musicians and artists and powered by blockchain technology, KLKTN is taking artist-fan engagement and the best of music’s experiential culture into the digital world. Artworks are available as a limited supply of authenticated digital products or NFTs, for purchase via credit card, with a fixed cost per item. KLKTN’s co-founders are Jeff Miyahara, Chief Creative Officer and a renowned record producer and songwriter who has produced over 260 international artists; Fabiano Soriani, Chief Technology Officer and former lead blockchain engineer for Dapper Labs; and Daisuke Iwase, Chief Executive Officer, Harvard Business School graduate, former World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and a digital pioneer known for co-founding Lifenet, a disruptive fintech venture, which he took to IPO. Built on the Flow blockchain to achieve affordable and environmentally-sustainable minting, KLKTN leaves more for artists, fans, and the planet. For more information, go to KLKTN.com. 

Website: https://klktn.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/JUKG3AFVAa

How to use KLKTN

  1. Register as a new user or Login on the KLKTN website https://klktn.com/login 
  2. Click the "Buy" button on the page of the product you want to purchase.
  3. Enter your Paypal account or credit card information to complete the purchase.
  4. You can view your purchased NFTs on your "My Kollektion" page.


His unique "slap technique," in which he plays the electric guitar entirely with his fingers without using a pick, has garnered him worldwide attention as a guitarist, and he has performed more than 350 shows in 30 countries and has successfully completed eight world tours. He also made his Hollywood debut as an actor in Angelina Jolie’s film "Unbroken" (released in Japan in 2016). Due to his relationship with Jolie, he became the first Japanese Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in 2017. He has actually visited refugee camps around the world (Lebanon, Bangladesh, etc.). In June 2020, he will be featured in an advertisement for GUCCI’s global collection "Gucci Off The Grid collection", the first time a Japanese celebrity has been featured in a GUCCI advertisement. Samurai guitarist MIYAVI is always challenging the world. His activities will never stop, and he is one of the most promising Japanese artists.


Social Links

Website: https://klktn.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/JUKG3AFVAa
Twitter: @klktnofficial
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