Debut of Hong Kong’s First NFT with Football Management Simulation GameFi, HolyShxxt!! to announce minting details of 8,888 limited football player NFTs on 11 Jan

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 4 January 2022 – NFT & blockchain game developer HolyShxxt!! announces the upcoming launch of a set of generative art collectibles that includes 8,888 special soccer players’ NFTs. HolyShxxt!! promises to launch a strategic football management simulation GameFi within three months from the day all NFTs are minted, and details will be announced on 11 January 2022. Join us and play to earn!


HolyShxxt!! believes successful NFT should ride on good online community management that creates long term value. Hence, HolyShxxt!! is going to launch a play-to-earn football management simulation game for NFT holders so that all community members can collaborate and co-create their dream team. Like the popular “Football Manager” series, players can choose to be “Manager” to arrange line-ups, formations, and tactics, or as “Agent” to put their NFT players in the Club following Manager’s lead to win. Winners can earn “Key0Coin”, the game token for subsequent rare NFT and special merchandise transactions in the future.


Each HolyShxxt!! soccer players’ NFT is unique and is created by a combination of 15 traits and over 480 attributes in addition to special functional features like air jet, wings and many more surprising elements that make it more valuable. In pre-launch stage, the digital collectibles have received a large spotlight from the art industry and art collectors with an invitation to the Global NFT Exhibition organised by K11 Art Mall in December 2021. HolyShxxt!! has also been referred by the Milan art unit HOAALab to exhibit in Rome, Milan in January, followed by exhibition invitations to Melbourne and Chongqing in the coming two months.


HolyShxxt!! is a group of passionate talents from diverse backgrounds and international exposure with a shared vision, that is to excel in game design and NFT art directions. Co-founder and 3D Artist Liz is the creator of MadBulL, a phenomenal NFT project which is beloved by many collectors and recognised by OpenSea as one of the blue checkmark collections. Her work is also recommended by Ali Sabet, an Iranian American artist regarded as one of the top-selling artists in the NFT world. Founder and Art Director Rb Li added, ‘We are capable and determined to create world-class NFT. We believe 3D art creations are more applicable in gaming and the future Metaverse world, compared to 2D or Pixel art.’

Another co-founder Onn is the technical architect and was the creator of CryptoKitties game, he previously worked in a Fortune Global 500 listed company Accenture. He is an expert in writing smart contracts and has designed more than 10+ Dapps, mobile VR first-person shooting and mobile games since 2017.  Founder and initiator LCM believes the success of sport-related NFT & GameFi that engage sports fans across the world can set a precedent for sport clubs or organisations to explore using blockchain projects for fundraising and hence benefits in long term to world sport development.

About HolyShxxt!!

HolyShxxt!! aims to build an enthusiastic and loyal community for like-minded with no geographic, cultural or language boundaries. We are a team that believes in the infinite potential of blockchain and NFT related applications and hope to establish a stable platform to create values for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. See more:, and Instagram.


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