“Metaverse Forum” Organizes by Wealthking Investments, Explores the Wave of Metaverse and Investment Opportunities

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 10 January 2022 – Wealthking Investments Limited (the “Company”; “Wealthking Investments”, together with its subsidiaries collectively known as the “Group”; Stock code: 1140.HK;), is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of “Metaverse Forum cum Mataverse New Books Release Online Conference” on pervious Sunday (Jan 9). The forum invited guests from industry giants to give delightful speeches and discussions, and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as the constantly evolving real background and the future development trend of Metaverse, bringing new insights to the industry and seizing the new trend of industrial digitalization.


“Metaverse Forum cum Mataverse New Books Release Online Conference” is hosted by the Metaverse 30 Forum, organized by Wealthking Investments and Trenda Group, and co-organized by the Hong Kong Blockchain Association and The Commercial Press(HK). Metaverse has become one of the most popular keywords recently. Global technology enterprises have announced their entry into the world of Metaverse. For this reason, a number of important guests made the topics sharing online and on-site respectively, and conducted interactive sessions to explore the great wave of the Metaverse.


The lineup of guests for this forum was prosperous, including Dr. Liu Zhiwei, Chairman of Wealthking Investments, Tony Tong, Co-chairman & Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association and Director of GlobalSTOX Limited, Cheney Tsoi, President of Asia Blockchain Society, Joe Zhou, Head of Market Department of BC Technology Group Limited, Marco Lim, Managing Partner of MaiCapital, Chen Ping, Founding Partner of Ausvic Capital Limited, Xu Yuanzhong, Chairman of Da San Sheng Group and Founder of Metaverse 30 Forum, Yi Huanhuan, Vice President of The Union of Finance Alumni of Peking University and the author of the trilogy of Metaverse, Zhao guodong, the author of Metaverse and Secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, Dr. Keer Golden from the Institute of Social Aesthetic Education of Tsinghua University, and Kelvin Yeung, Founder and CEO of HKD.com.


Dr. Liu Zhiwei, Chairman of Wealthking Investments opened a chapter for the forum, by sharing the theme of “Metaverse, Value Investing and Social Responsibility”. He shared the following: “Wealthking Investments is firmly optimistic about the digital economy and has established the digital economy as the Company’s major investment direction and has made a large layout. The Metaverse concept provides a lead for our predictions, providing a broader perspective and helping us further open up the imagination space. In our view, the development of the Metaverse is still at an early stage and it may be difficult to judge its development path and final form. However, we believe that the interactive interface will be more convenient, efficient and natural in the future; the interactive content will be 3D, real-time, and the connection between people will be strengthened.”


“Metaverse concept has incorporated all of our predictions to the next generation of the Internet. We believe that the direction is certain and the trend is inevitable. Therefore, we have a wholly-owned subsidiary, MetakiLimited, to focus on capturing investment opportunities in the field of metaspace. Our investment philosophy is simple, that is to firmly pursue value investment is to seek companies and entrepreneurs who have dreams, ability and technology to create value for the society.”


“The investment income we obtain and the wealth we create for our shareholders are essentially derived from the social value created by our portfolio companies. This determines the three characteristics of our investment: first, our selection criteria for investment targets are stringent and consistent, and we start from four aspects, namely people, technology, business and environment. Secondly, we are determined to be a long-termist. For enterprises that meet the selection criteria, we will stay with them after investing at a relatively reasonable price. Thirdly, we hope to be a good investor, which means that we hope the technology, resources and capabilities of the portfolio company to create value and benefit the society.”


“We firmly invest in technologies, enterprises and entrepreneurs which truly care about people, promote reality through virtuality, and can continuously create social value. This is our social responsibility as an investor, and is also highly consistent with our value investment philosophy and our pursuit of maximizing shareholders’ interests.” He concluded.


Xu Yuanzhong, Chairman of Da San Sheng Group and founder of Metaverse 30 Forum, gave a speech on behalf of the organizer, saying that Metaverse will promote global technology and economic development, and different fields will continue to derive and explore potential value under the Metaverse. In the future, compared with the current physical economy, the new economy of the metaverse will grow dozens of times, and has great potential for development.


Yi Huanhuan, Vice President of The Union of Finance Alumni of Peking University and the author of the trilogy of Metaverse, to give theme sharing of “Metaverse Investment”. He shared his insights into the development of Metaverse and was determined to publish the trilogy of Metaverse. He believes that the large and deep nature of the Metaverse changes the working environment, education, medical care and health, and will promote globalization. Everyone cannot imagine Metaverse will bring us a new trend of co-existence and a wonderful new world to everyone after 10-15 years.


Zhao Guodong, The author of Metaverse and Secretary-general of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, shared the theme of “Interpretation of Big Wave Trend of Metaverse”. He thought Metaverse is a comprehensive development. Its technological development can carry out cross-sector cooperation with different industries, including technology, culture, art, and consumption to achieve continuous coexistence for humans, virtual society and creating economy, and provide a new development path.


Tony Tong, Co-chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association and Director of GlobalSTOX Limited, shared the theme of “GamiFi, NFT, Metaverse” which stated that with the introduction of a series of new blockchain policies and controls by the state. Hong Kong has also fully leveraged the advantages of “One Country and Two Systems” to issue licenses to regulate virtual assets, which in turn helps more Hong Kong companies to transform into the Metaverse market, and continues to be well-positioned to promote the development of technology and blockchain in Hong Kong.


Cheney Tsoi, President of Asia Blockchain Society, gave theme sharing of “Open the Door to the Wealth of Metaverse”. He believes that the Metaverse is the future trend and development direction. We can continue to obtain data assets and wealth in the Metaverse through continuous learning, participation and creation. The Metaverse, blockchain, new digital currency and digital economy are incremental markets in the future, and actively accelerating participation is a way to open up the door of wealth.


Dr. Keer Golden from the Institute of Social Aesthetic Education of Tsinghua University, shared the theme of “The Self and Transcendence in the Art of the Metaverse Era”. He showed that the metaverse is a deep integration of art, technology and finance by sharing multiple works of art , while breaking the constraints of time and space. Although the Metaverse is still at the exploration stage, it will be able to build a more diversified, multi-media and digital society through Metaverse in the future.


Joe Zhou, Head of Market Department of BC Technology Group Limited, to give theme sharing of “How Does the Exchange Play its Role and Function under Metaverse”, shared that the Group’s OSL Digital Exchange is preparing to convert financial products including funds, bonds and other products into security tokens (STO). Traditional investors are expected to have a better understanding of virtual asset investment and conduct in-depth research.


Marco Lim, Managing Partner of MaiCapital shared the theme of “The Unlimited Business Opportunities of the Metaverse”. He is of the view that the virtual world created by Metaverse is not only entertainment, but also a complete ecosystem integrating payment, consumption, education and other real-life scenarios. The business opportunity behind the circular is huge, which can turn into economic benefits and lead the new market development through new technologies and business models.


Kelvin Yeung, Founder and CEO of HKD.com shared the topic of ” HKD.com’s Developing Metaverse Projects”, as one of the industry representatives for the development of blockchain, and he hopes that the conceptualisation can be led to practical application gradually.


Last but not least, all guests expressed their views at the interactive session to make a satisfactory conclusion of the forum. Dr. Liu Zhiwei commented: “Wealthking Investments also will continue to keep abreast of the development of Metaverse and changes in the market, and actively explored and invested in high-quality enterprises related to upstream and downstream of the Metaverse market, so as to facilitate the sustainable development of the industry.”


Dr. Liu Zhiwei concluded: “This Metaverse forum achieved a complete success. The strong support from all industry guests to give valuable speeches made the forum a great difference. As one of the most popular concepts this year, Metaverse will affect all aspects of the economy. Wealthking Investments will accelerate its layout in the Metaverse field, actively promote the development and application of new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, AI and blockchain involved in the Metaverse industry, facilitate the transformation and upgrading of relevant technology industries, incubate a number of innovative technology enterprises, contribute to the development of the Metaverse industry, and create more value for the society.”


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