Arup empowers youths to chart a sustainable future for Hong Kong with a video competition among local schools

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 18 January 2022 – With sustainable development drawing increasing attention, the eyes of the world have turned to tackling the crisis of global warming following the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which took place in November last year. In Hong Kong, enhanced strategies and targets for combating climate change and achieving carbon neutrality have been set out. Arup, a global built environment consultant, recently organised the ‘Envisioning a sustainable Hong Kong’ video competition to raise awareness among young people, aiming to extend a positive influence on their peers, family and the community to enhance the city’s future.


Promoting wider participation


The Hong Kong government and various sectors have been taking proactive steps to address challenges including aging population, the landfill problem, and climate change. On top of it, it is important to pool together the efforts of all members of the community, especially the younger generation, empowering them to channel their opinions and play a greater role in driving sustainable development. This competition offered youngsters a precious opportunity to draw up their own blueprint for the future Hong Kong and amplify their voices and aspirations through video production.


As part of its 45th anniversary celebration in Hong Kong, Arup shared with young people an array of sustainable engineering and design solutions, riding on its impactful projects in the city, from Tai Kwun – the largest revitalisation complex, to T·PARK – the first waste-to-energy facility, and to Neuron – a digital platform for smart building management. The participants were also guided to develop an innovative mindset and leadership skills in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Unleashing creativity with videos


The competition received an overwhelming response, attracting more than 230 entries from teams formed by 480 students across 51 local secondary schools. From using animations and 3D models to creating a game-like experience, the participants unleashed their creativity in a 45-second video, showcasing their visions of Hong Kong with insights on infrastructure, building design, waste management and urban planning.


The results of the competition were announced at an award presentation ceremony last month. At the event, Michael Kwok, East Asia Region Chair of Arup, said that sustainable development is more than just a global issue, but one closely related to our city and lives with far-reaching impact on our descendants. By co-envisioning the city’s future with the younger generation, he hoped to gather new impetus to drive innovation that makes Hong Kong greener, more liveable and resilient.


Broadening horizons to pursue a better future


Many students were pleased with what they took away from the competition. Among the winners, Sun Ka-ying from Good Hope School, who won the Champion award, reflected that the activity has deepened her understanding of Hong Kong. From conception to producing the video, she got to explore different corners of the city, leading her to imagine a more sustainable Hong Kong where people and spaces are connected and our cultural heritage can be passed on.


Other winning teams addressed topical issues such as the urban heat island effect, overpopulation and land shortage. Kwok Chi-lok and Chan Yu-him, from Carmel Pak U Secondary School, expressed that by creating a 3D model, they aimed to project a sustainable city in a simplistic and easily understandable way while underlining the importance to balancing economic, environmental and social needs. On the biggest gain of the competition, Au Cheung-lok from TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College shared that he learned much more about sustainable development and enjoyed working as a team in conducting research and devising meaningful solutions such as vertical farming for Hong Kong.


The competition was supported by social welfare organisations including the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, St. James’ Settlement, The Women’s Foundation, and The Zubin Foundation. Various learning opportunities were provided during the competition, including an online workshop with experts sharing to enhance students’ understanding of the UN SDGs and video production techniques. The students also met Arup’s engineers to explore their aspirations in the engineering and design sector. Outstanding participants will be given a visit and job shadowing opportunities at Arup.


Details of the results are as follows and the winning entries are available for viewing on Arup’s YouTube channel.







Good Hope School

1st runner-up

A brief take on creating a sustainable city

Carmel Pak U Secondary School

2nd runner-up


TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College and Queen’s College Old Boys’ Association Secondary School



HKMLC Queen Maud Secondary School



ELCHK Lutheran Academy



Good Hope School

Most-Liked Video


CCC Chuen Yuen College

Most Supportive School Award


The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

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