Naffiti marketplace shares 100% transaction fee profits with $NAO token holders

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HONG KONG, Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Naffiti, the first DAO-governed gasless NFT marketplace, launches a transaction fee profits sharing program for stakers of their governance token, $NAO. 100% of daily transaction fee of the NFT marketplace is distributed proportionally to the token holders based on their amount of stake every day.

Stake $NAO and Earn More
Stake $NAO and Earn More

The program runs on a daily basis. $NAO holders can stake their token any time to be eligible to share the transaction fee. After they staked, the staking rewards for each day are calculated at the end of the previous day and continue to accumulate automatically. They can visit the claiming page anytime at their convenience.

The Naffiti NFT marketplace collects a basic transaction fee on all NFT trades on the platform. In gratitude for the trust and support of all $NAO holders, if any people hold and stake $NAO, they are entitled to share 100% of the daily transaction fee of the platform every day. Here is the summary of the program:

  • $NAO holder can stake to share the transaction fee anytime every day
  • Rewards for each day are calculated at the end of the previous day
  • No limit on claiming frequency
  • Rewards accumulate automatically

Holders of $NAO are entitled to the governance of the marketplace, for example determining its development direction, key features and listing of NFT collections, as well as enjoying high yield staking APY of the token.

$NAO can start staking on Those who have registered for the $NAO airdrop previously but have not claimed the tokens can complete it on

With the ongoing claiming for the $NAO airdrop as well as upcoming listings on exchanges, Naffiti has several partnerships in the pipeline for this quarter. Details of their future partnerships will be announced on their Twitter.

About Naffiti

Naffiti is the first DAO-governed gasless NFT launchpad and marketplace, run by the people for the people which helps creators, entrepreneurs, and license owners create and market their NFT collections while also assisting them in building communities.

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