Hong Kong based NFT “HolyShxxt!!” joined hands with Elite Apes Get ready for special edition Bored Ape “HolyShxxt!!” NFT

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 February 2022 – Hong Kong’s first NFT with football management simulation GameFi “HolyShxxt!!”, which will be opened for public minting on 14 February, is officially collaborating with Elite Apes, an elite club of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) owners.  Under the collaboration, the team will launch a series of special edition Bored Ape “HolyShxxt!!” NFTs based on the properties from the BAYC NFTs owned by its members.  Elite Apes will also take part as a strategic advisor of “HolyShxxt!!” with a common goal to boost the development of NFT projects in Hong Kong.


Watch out for special 3D edition of Bored Ape “HolyShxxt!!” NFT

With the official authorization from Elite Apes, “HolyShxxt!!” will create a series of special edition NFT by incorporating its iconic 3D arts into the properties of the Bored Ape NFTs owned by the 150 members of the club.   In addition, a selective amount of special edition NFTs will also be invited into the “HolyShxxt!!” Hall of Fame.


United from all walks of life, the 150 global members of Elite Apes are enthusiasts who are passionate about NFT investment with deep insights on NFT project development.  The accumulative value of the members’ NFT collection is estimated at roughly USD 80 million.

“Elite Apes is dedicated in supporting NFT projects in Asia, especially those in Hong Kong that possess of long term potential and physical utilities.  We adopt a very stringent criteria in selecting our partnering NFT projects.  We will evaluate them through our “CARD” standard (Community, Art, Roadmap, Developer) to determine if they are a good project that are worth investing in,” stated Jason, Founder and CEO of Elite Apes.


Jason added, “Before we confirm this partnership, we have completed several rounds of assessment on the background of the founding team, its Discord community, project roadmap, as well as the capability of the team.  We are very glad to tell you that ‘HolyShxxt!!’ is an outstanding project that fulfilled all four criteria of our CARD standard.  With thorough understanding on the market, the three founding members are dedicated in sustaining the value of the project by bringing in new possibilities and maintaining a healthy global community.”


Encouraging play to earn with its first rare NFT

Unlike normal NFT that can be minted with ETH, the special edition Bored Ape “HolyShxxt!!” NFT has to be purchased with Key0Coins earned from playing the simulation game[1]. Non-NFT owners may also purchase the Key0Coins in the official channel which are generated at 1:1 ratio as players earn their coins through playing game. 


The team believes successful NFT should ride on good online community management that creates long term value.  “To maintain the heat of our online community and create long term value for ‘HolyShxxt!!’, it is important for us to keep our platform fresh and let our NFT owners benefit from trading rare NFTs and earning ‘Key0Coin’ through playing games.  We are thrilled to collaborate with Elite Apes to launch our first rare NFT. We will keep looking for meaningful collaboration and grow with our fans”, stated LCM, founder and initiator of HolyShxxt!!.


Astonishing feedback from fans!   Elite Mint oversubscribed by 50%

To show appreciation to their passionate fans, “HolyShxxt!!” opened up 1,000 quota among its 8,888 NFTs for Elite Mint on 23 January.  Within just one day, the quota was oversubscribed for 50%.   What’s more, there is only very little white list quota left for minting on 12 February, which is now exclusive to Elite members only.  The final 1,111 NFTs will be opened for public mint on 14 February.  For more information, please visit the official Discord channel https://discord.gg/holyshxxtnft.


Passionate support from worldwide fans and celebrities

There are “HolyShxxt!!” fans from different corners around the world, including Hong Kong, United State, Argentina, Taiwan, India, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, sharing their love towards this project on Discord.  The NFT project has also received fervent support from celebrities, such as Mackenzie Arnold (goalkeeper of Westham United and Australia’s national team), famous UK rapper A!MS、Argentina singer Pablo Olivares, Japanese painter and tattoo artist IzuMonster, French collector and curator Escargot and a number of Hong Kong celebrities.

[1] “HolyShxxt!! promises to launch a strategic football management simulation GameFi within three months from the day all NFTs are minted.

About HolyShxxt!!

HolyShxxt!! aims to build an enthusiastic and loyal community for like-minded with no geographic, cultural or language boundaries. We are a team that believes in the infinite potential of blockchain and NFT related applications and hope to establish a stable platform to create values for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. See more: https://discord.gg/holyshxxtnft, https://holyshxxt.io/ and instagram.com/holyshxxtnft/.


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