VMeta beta 1.0 goes live, 5 must-have tools for NFT traders

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HONG KONG, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NFT is becoming the buzzword in 2022. It’s a mission impossible without the help of analytic tools. However, in the current market, tools are either inefficient or don’t work across different platforms. NFT collectors need to open at least 3 different platforms and look at 5 different screens before making a decision. In addition, only a few of them support Chinese.

Vmeta is a recently launched NFT platform for traders that supports multiple languages. It provides a toolkit of must-have NFT analytics and data tools for traders to boost their competitiveness in the NFT market. Features include:

Reveal Alert

New NFT projects especially during the first few moments after being revealed have the highest traffic. Traders need to pay 200% attention to their favourite projects when they are going to reveal or live. Traders will need a real-time tool to monitor and set alert of their expected reveal time. Traders definitely don’t wanna miss any hot upcoming project.

Sales Volume

Most of the platforms give traders an overview of the total sales volume in 24 hours, 3 or even 7 days. However, a professional NFT trader will need more than that. If the platform shows sales volume in the last hour or even 30 mins, it’s a good indicator that there is a hot trending project in the market. It might not be active in users’ time zone. Sales volume is even more indicative than announced reveal time. Traders can look at Icy Tools or VMeta.

Rarity Ranking

Rarity is one of the critical factors when it comes to NFT valuation. NFT traders can easily identify the value of a NFT or snipe any undervalued NFT in the market. Surprisingly, there are still a lot of speculators in the market that fight very hard for the whitelist spot, mint it and sell it at the current price as soon as their owned NFT is public or revealed.

Fast Sniping

There are chances that NFT traders can offer a good price for some rare ones way before the tokens are revealed. The secret behind is that it usually takes about 30-60min for NFT marketplace like OpenSea to finish revealing the entire collections. For sure, professional NFT traders will not rely on OpenSea to reveal the price but use other special tools for fast sniping such as VMeta. Traders increase their edge not by domain knowledge but technology.

Real-time Pricing

A professional trader can flip for profit by spotting opportunity in hot projects. Real-time pricing is critical on that aspect. NFT marketplaces like Opeasea, they have lots of NFTs and collections. However, when it comes to real time trading or some technical analysis, it’s not built for that purpose. Therefore, real time pricing tool such as VMeta is critical if trading activities is frequent.