Catherine Wong, the Hong Kong young pianist and educator, accomplishes her life through musical notes which in touch with the world stages

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Nurturing talents in 1000 days to compose a new chapter for Hong Kong, China

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 February 2022 – Music is a universal language which carries the history and enlightens the future. As one of the most conspicuous young artists, pianists and educators in contemporary Hong Kong, Catherine Wong Tsz Fong is now actively engaged in education sector. She organizes the “Nurturing Talents in 1,000 Days” campaign and turns her personal studio into a professional piano performer training center in order to raise talents in 1,000 days and teach, perform and do publicity for them. She looks forward to cultivating publicly acknowledged outstanding performers through the campaign.


1,000 days to expand the realm of art

In the 1,000 days, Catherine’s studio would run in both online and offline formats. With her strong and more than 10 years relevant experience as teaching reference, both online and offline students could learn about the pick of piano. Online workshops could reach even more learning groups. At the same time, the studio would also hold master classes and invite renowned international performers and professors to give lectures on different experiences and theories in classes. They hope to combine artistic and technological elements to make music performances more diversified, innovative and with ornamental value in order to create resonances with audiences.

Systematic training to play exciting movements

Catherine is rigorous in teaching and focuses on solid foundations through systematic fingering exercises. Playing music is like acting. Catherine’s studio also adds guided music pieces sessions to teaching, which allows students to deeply understand about the artistic conception of the music and could express the emotions and skills better during performances. With years of piano performing experiences, Catherine also offers various piano performance opportunities for her students in various venues in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, overseas and even cooperate with well-known orchestras around the world. The cooperation with orchestras not only allows students to gain more experience on stage, but also trains their confidence, courage and maturity.

Spreading love and inspiring lives with music and art

Apart from piano education, Catherine still promotes charity work and supports public welfares. In each charity performances, Catherine expects her students could grab the opportunities to perform and let music meets charity to show the art inheritance. Catherine also thinks each performing experiences would inspire her students and the public to care about the society more. Along the journey with music, Catherine teaches her students the right concept of ethics, be grateful and respect their parents, and hopes to grow together with them and contribute to the society together one day. In “Nurturing talents in 1,000 days” campaign, the studio will work with different public relationship companies to help performers to create more awareness online and offline. Meanwhile, Catherine’s studio will help performers and potential students in the center to build up their image on social media. More information can be found on the website of Catherin’s studio. In this year, let us look forward to more outstanding pianists born from Catherine’s studio.

About Catherine Wong

Catherine had begun her piano lessons at age of 9 and been taught by and practiced with Professor Tin Fu, Yau since then. Earlier than 2017, Catherine also cooperated with the National Radio Company of Ukraine Symphony Orchestra and hold 4 consecutive Chinese piano concerto concerts, and performed the classic Chinese music “The Butterfly Lovers” and “Yellow River”. The performances had overwhelmed with compliments and were reported by more than a hundred of different media across the countries which truly helped to spread Chinese music farther.

She awarded as “British-Chinese Music Ambassadors” by the Queen Elizabeth II Deputy and the former Mayor of London. Back in 2019, Catherine had also been conferred as “China-Australia Music and Cultural Exchange Ambassador” in the Parliament Building by Mrs. J. Morrison, the spouse of the prime minister of Australia, Mr. John Ajaka, the President of the New South Wales Legislative Council, and Dame June Dally Watkins OAM, the Lord St. John. To recognize her achievements in the field of the music and charity, the British royal family granted the “Mulan Star” and “Art Achievement Award” to her. She also received numerous awards, such as the “Brilliant Artistic Achievement Award”, which is the highest honor awarded by the country, Ukraine; the champions of the solo and concerto of the “World Youth Festival Piano Competition”; the Bulgarian work performance award and the first runner up of the “Finland International Piano Open”, etc.

Catherine has been dedicating to spread love through music and charity work in public welfare. She has also been encouraging the public to donate since 2015 and the overall donation has been up to $10 million in just a few years. In 2018, she attended the Marriott International charity dinner and awarded as the “International Smile Operation Ambassador”. In the “15th MAHB Mr. Fashion Annual Charity Ambassador” presentation ceremony, Catherine was one of the honorable guests together with DaWei Tong and Joy Guan, etc. In 2017, the money received from the concert for 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was donated to the Greater China Culture Global Association in Hong Kong and Communication Art Centre Education Charity Funding for charitable inheritance. In the same year, the donation received from Beijing Performing Arts was given to “Cross-strait Walk Event” for providing free diagnosis and treatments to poverty-stricken eye disease patients. Recent days after receiving numerous charitable honorary titles.