TF International Grasps Multiple Measures to Donate Anti-epidemic Supplies and Support Hong Kong Epidemic Containment Work

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 16 March 2022 – TF International Securities Group Limited (“TF International” or “the Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianfeng Securities Co., Limited (Stock Code: 601162.SH), today officially launched the “TF International · Spreading Love with Warm-heart, Fighting the Epidemic Together social responsibility project to aid Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic work. The Company partnered with the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link (“HKCACL”) and the Police Tactical Unit (PTU), jointly connected with other beneficial organizations to set the project in motion. In addition to donating anti-epidemic supplies, the Company is also actively responding to the government’s appeal to release numerous anti-epidemic measures, while enhancing community anti-pandemic publicity.

From left to right: Mr. HSU Hoi Shan, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link (

From left to right: Mr. HSU Hoi Shan, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link (“HKCACL”); Mr. Yong WANG, Chairman and President of TF International; Mr. Chuan ZOU, CEO of TF International; Ms. Bei TIAN, COO of TF International

Since the outbreak of the fifth wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong at the beginning of 2022, the number of confirmed cases has soared to a record high successively. The virus sampling sites of community testing centers have constantly faced the dilemma of severe shortage of manpower and testing resources. Social and economic activities have been hit hard, residents’ daily life suffered from extreme inconvenience, as the epidemic prevention work is eking out under trials and hardship. Many families have been experiencing serious negative emotions and psychological strains. TF International is deeply concerned with Hong Kong compatriots and is profoundly aware of the importance of unswerving determination to fight the epidemic. Adhering to the aim of sharing weal and woe as well repaying to the society, TF International has decided to donate anti-epidemic substances that are currently in short supply to some gravely affected community residents, including [1] : 15,000 rapid antigen test kits, 15,000 high-quality N95 masks, 550 bottles of alcohol spray, numerous sets of hazmat suits and masks, and several air sterilizers, etc. The first batch of materials will be distributed to fundamental communities and nursing homes through HKCACL and will be donated to the Police Tactical Unit (PTU). The “TF International· Spreading Love with Warm-heart, Fighting the Epidemic Together” special anti-epidemic working group will collaborate closely with all its partners, to properly complete this donation activity under the guidance of measures that complied with epidemic prevention regulations. Do the best to support frontline medical and police personnel, strive to benefit the elderly, children, high-risk individuals, and those with financial predicament. Allow love and hope spread more swiftly and extensively, make concerted effort to prevent the virus from further contagion.

Yong WANG, Chairman and President of TF International, stated, “ TF International has entrenched in Hong Kong for nearly seven years. Be ing indebted to the reliance and bolster of clients and partners, our business ha s grown robustly, meanwhile we also have established a sound reputation here. It is always our pivot to positively assimilate into the indigenous culture of Hong Kong, by keeping up sodality with fundamental throng in various districts and circles through corporate social responsibility exercises. It is also the best way for the Company and our local employees to promote mutual trust, express support, and boost cohesion. Hong Kong is the inception port for us to tread in the international financial arena. Hereon, we unremittingly create breakthroughs and notch up fulfilment. It can be said that this city has witnessed the extraordinary potential and possibility of TF International repeatedly. In the trying time of this global health crises, the whole country even the whole world is confronted with unprecedented turmoil in social activities and severe challenges brought by the discrepancy in epidemic prevention policies. Nevertheless, we are totally confident that with the full aid of compatriots across the country and the joint tenacity of all Hong Kong citizens, the virus will eventually be quenched, and our lives will ultimately restore to normal. United by a strong sense of common purpose, we will work shoulder to shoulder to prevail over the epidemic collaboratively!”

[1] The estimated total value of donated materials is about HK$1,000,000, which will be distributed to beneficiaries in different communities in batches. The actual donation materials, beneficiaries and donation time may be affected by the procurement and supply situation, and the community emergency. Therefore, appropriate and essential adjustments might be adopted.

About TF International

Established in Hong Kong in 2015, TF International Securities Group Limited (“TF International” or “the Company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianfeng Securities Co., Limited (Stock Code: 601162.SH). Through its subsidiaries, TF International holds SFC Type 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9 licenses to strategically diversify its business across a variety of sectors such as wealth management, institutional investment banking, financial market and asset management.

The Company offers turnkey financing services to enterprises, including financial advisory, stock capital market and bond market financing; as well as secondary market trading opportunities to clients through its own one-stop trading platform and professional investment information portal. Meanwhile, it provides asset management of secondary market funds and primary market projects for high-quality enterprises and financial institutions around the world by customising asset allocation solutions based on their actual circumstances to attract quality capital.

TF International has grown to become an important leader and player in the Chinese onshore USD bond market. It holds a dominant position in the issuance of Chinese USD bonds and assets management.

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