Hong Kong’s first large-scale NFT and local art outdoor exhibition ARTAVERSE is coming soon

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Combining digital art, technology and local art

Enter the art universe and explore the massive outdoor art community

HONG KONG, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind ARTAVERSE will play host to a 2-week NFT x local art exhibition in May, where over 100 artists will exhibit their work in a sprawling outdoor space of over 100,000 square feet. The exhibition boasts a collection of digital art featuring blockchain technology, augmented reality, virtual reality and local art under one roof, allowing local contemporary and digital artists, industry experts, along with a new generation of collectors and art lovers, to indulge in the ever expanding art community in Hong Kong.


Promoting local arts and culture by building a community

ARTAVERSE hopes that through this exhibition, with the help of our community and new technology, the local art scene can reach a wider audience and create an opportunity for the new generation of art lovers to understand, appreciate, collect and create local art pieces.

Over 60 sessions of Art x Tech Seminar and Live Performance
inspire a New Generation of Art Lovers

In addition to admiring a variety of pieces, there will also be lectures on art and technology which explore the infinite possibilities of the art universe.

Introduction to NFT Contemporary Art Collection

The exhibition will be collaborating with NFT art experts to promote and introduce the essence of NFT contemporary art collection, allowing a new generation of art lovers to collect the artwork without hassle.

Organizer: Yiu Wing Live Co. Ltd, Bold & Concept Limited