BlueArk’s Market Value Surged Over 40,000% in 6 Months

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BlueArk Staking Pool Offers 45% APY for Investors
Achieved a Record-breaking Total Staking Value of HK$100 million in 10 Days

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 8 April 2022 – BlueArk (“BlueArk” or “the Company”) was officially launched on the 1st of September 2021. Its platform token, BRK, recorded a surge in market value of over 40,000% in 6 months since its listing. The BlueArk Concept Store was opened on 16 February 2022 in The Peninsula Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, making it the first “metaverse concept store” in the city, showcasing a strong line-up of work by renowned artists and partners including The Sandbox, Ruby9100m, Mizuki Nishiyama, Sankuanz, Kwai Bun, Meowdel NFT and South Morning China Post.

As promised in the Company’s roadmap, BlueArk has recently released the highly anticipated BRK Staking Pool, offering an attractive 45% annual percentage yield (“APY”) for investors, securing a total taking value of HK$100 million in 10 days.

BRK Staking Pool recorded rapid growth with a total staking value of over HK$100 million

BlueArk announced the launch of their BRK Staking Pool on BlueArk NFT Marketplace on 23 March 2022 to capture the latest momentum in crypto market development. To become part of the BRK Staking Pool, BRK investors simply have to deposit their assets onto the platform. With a concept similar to that of a fixed deposit with a traditional bank, the BRK Staking Pool allows users to deposit their BRK tokens onto BlueArk at an APY of 45%, a value that exceeds most traditional investments.

Within the first 5 hours of launch, the BRK Staking Pool recorded a total of 24,254,278 BRK (approx. US$130,000) have been deposited, with the amount progressively increasing to 1,421,632,972 BRK (approx. US$8 million) in the first 3 days, representing an increase of 6,200%.

As of 1 April 2022, the BRK Staking Pool achieved a staggering 2,500,000,000 BRK (approx. US$120 million) in 10 days.

Reason behind the success of BRK Staking Pool

Traditional investment products like insurance, banks, funds or real estate provides about a 3-5% profit. This profit is not even able to keep up with inflation. BRK Staking Pool rewards its users according to the duration of staking time on BRK platform with the highest level being a 365-day value lock at Level 7, offering an attractive APY of 45% that exceeds any return from traditional investments.

Another reason behind this record-breaking HK$100 million total staking value is the flexibility of the staking pool. Users are allowed to withdraw their tokens any time and receive tiered rewards, compared to traditional investments that typically require investors to commit to a fixed investment period which may last for years. Investors are often required to make monthly payments for a 5–10-year investment with traditional financial institutions, which adds a lot of pressure to investors, and that also comes with a penalty for any early termination which may add further stress to investors.

The third reason behind BRK Staking Pool’s success is its “credibility”. Since the launch of BlueArk half a year ago, the Company has been delivering what it promises as laid out in its roadmap. This includes the launch of BRK NFT Marketplace, and the opening of the first “metaverse concept store” in Hong Kong. The Company has announced 6 new updates on their social media platform in March, including the listing of BRK token on well-known crypto exchange platform LBank, the launch of BRK Staking Pool, and a weekly public live stream with BlueArk founders on Facebook. With all this ongoing progress, the Company is showing their commitment in the development of BlueArk, giving investors the confidence in the possibilities and potential of the Company.

The final reason will be the potential growth of the Company. Investors will need to lock their BRK tokens on the BlueArk platform to participate in the BRK Staking Pool, which will in turn limit the circulation of BRK tokens in the open market. A limit in circulation will contribute to an increase in value of goods over time. While there is a decrease in circulation of the BRK token, BRK’s value will increase, leading to a FOMO (Fear of missing out) effect on the market. Investors will be increasingly interested to invest in BRK tokens and staking them into the BRK Staking Pool, generating a huge upside for the token’s value.

BRK Staking Pool rewards investors with45% annual percentage yield, incentivizing investors’ contribution to the BRK platform

According to BlueArk’s white paper, he reward comes from 60% of the distributed BRK which are allocated to “participation as mining”. A difference between this and traditional mining is that users can get rewarded through different participations like adding to the ecosystem of the platform. One such example is participating in the staking pool.

Being rewarded by participating in the BRK platform ecosystem is crucial to the development of the project in the long run as investors are in control of their investments and being able to benefit from their BRK investments directly. An increased participation by investors will contribute to a healthy growth of the BRK ecosystem, which gives greater incentives for investors to stay in the ecosystem, building trust and confidence in the platform.

Entering the BlueArk metaverse and immerse in the BRK ecosystem

Users can start by buying BRK tokens on crypto exchange platforms. Like most crypto currencies, users need to trade it with USDT.

USDT is released by Tether. It is the crypto equivalent of USD with the ratio 1:1. Hong Kong users can purchase USDT at a rate of about 7.8 HKD for 1 USDT (depending on the market), and buy BRK using USDT.

Any investors in Hong Kong who would like to know more about the BRK ecosystem can visit The BlueArk at The Peninsula Hong Kong for a face-to-face consultation session with our consultants at the Concept Store.

Between 11 – 25 April 2022, BlueArk is offering a special exchange rate of 7.7HKD for 1USDT in store. New users will also receive a Gummy Villain NFT designed by BlueArk’s Creative Director Dough-Boy. Please refer to BlueArk’s Instagram page for more details.

Besides the USDT offer and a free NFT, BlueArk is collaborating with Ruby9100m on her solo NFT exhibition “Transhumanity”. The exhibition will include digital art pieces, sculptures and accessories. Please visit BlueArk’s Instagram account for details.

About BlueArk

In its simplest term, it as the ark that leads humanity’s imagination and creativity into the metaverse.

BlueArk’s business covers digital art, music, visuals, mixed media, gaming, artificial intelligence, and its concept store. The Company aims at untapping the endless possibilities of creative spaces and opportunities leveraging blockchain, NFTs, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Providing a platform and creating values for imaginative individuals with unlimited creativity. They hope to be the ark that prepares everyone for the next big bang in the near future.

6G, virtual reality, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are bringing the virtual world closer to our physical life. With endless possibilities of the metaverse, be prepared for the new world. Be a trendsetter, not a follower.

BRK is the token for BlueArk, through NFTs, DeFi and GameFi concepts, they are building a virtual ecosystem using BRK as its currency. They hope to bring creators into the virtual world where their dreams can be fulfilled. They aim to provide decentralized digital financial system for the metaverse.

BlueArk is currently in the second stage of their blueprint. With a strong, creative and trustworthy team behind the project, they are about to be a strong presence in the crypto and metaverse world. We can’t wait to see the development of this project and where it will lead us.

Please refer to the official platforms of BlueArk for more information about the Company and its latest announcements:
The Blue Ark concept store: Shop BE1&3, Basement Floor, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong