Bonaqua® Launches Its First Individual Sale Label-less Bottled Water Anywhere in the World

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Innovative initiative reinforces the brand’s commitment to a “World Without Waste”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 28 April 2022 – The leading bottled water brand1 Bonaqua® today announced it will launch its first individual sale label-less bottled water anywhere in the world. The company will produce the Bonaqua® Label-less Mineralized Water locally, which is now being pilot-launched at the Austin Road “7-Eleven X Coca-Cola” concept store and will be available on store shelves at various sales channels later this summer. The effort echoes the brand’s commitment to exploring sustainability solutions and hopefully inspiring more consumers to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

It marks the first time The Coca-Cola Company launches individual sale of the Bonaqua® label-less bottled water. “Individual sale” allows the label-less bottled water to be available to a broader range of retail channels, allowing more consumers in Hong Kong to take part in building a world without waste by reducing packaging materials and enhancing bottle recyclability. The Bonaqua® label-less bottled water for individual sale will also be introduced in Taiwan market soon.

“By making label-less Bonaqua® bottled water widely available, it allows everyone in Hong Kong to play a part in building a better world and a better tomorrow,” says Tim Warwick, Vice President of Operations for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mongolia at The Coca-Cola Company. “More importantly, it puts Bonaqua® at the center of Hong Kong’s sustainability dialogues while we continue to create more solutions that cater for different needs and occasions. Our collaboration with key retail customers like 7-Eleven, one of the largest retail networks in Hong Kong, will provide wider channels to support label-less bottled water so as to expand the outreach of our innovative sustainability efforts.”

“As Coca-Cola’s bottling partner, we will continue to apply our expertise to make every possible effort, including design, sourcing, production and delivery, to launch greener choices of beverage products and to steer a sustainable lifestyle,” says Connie Yeung, Director and General Manager of Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong.

The label-less bottle was first available last year for bulk purchase only. The new bottle uses laser incising technology for highlighting product information on the bottles, and feature a sales barcode on the bottle cap, enabling the individual sale of the products while reducing packaging materials and improving bottle recyclability.


1 Nielsen MarketTrack Service data shows that Bonaqua® was ranked first in Sales Volume (Litre) in the Packaged Water category for the 15-year period ending November 2021 for Total Supermarkets, CVS, Drug Stores, Provision Stores and Soft Drink Outlets in Hong Kong.

The launch of the Bonaqua® label-less bottle further enhances the brand’s commitment to a sustainable future. Since 2020, all locally produced Bonaqua® Mineralized Water have adopted 100% rPET for production of bottles, each of which weighs 11.8g (per Bonaqua®’s 500 ml bottle), that is 52.8% lighter than a typical PET bottle found in the market, which weighs 18 – 32g[1]. The initiative also aligns with The Coca-Cola Company’s vision of a ‘World Without Waste’ – a global commitment to collect and recycle every bottle or can that the company sells by 2030.

If any customers are interested in learning more about the Bonaqua® label-less mineralized water, please feel free to contact the Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong customer service hotline at +852 2210 3888. Consumers may also purchase the products via the current distribution channels and Swire Coca-Cola HK eShop (

[1] Source: New Life Plastics Ltd – Bonaqua®’s 500 ml bottle weighs 11.8g, which is lighter than the typical PET bottle found in the market, which weighs 18 – 32g. retrieved on 10 June 2021.

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