Fine-tuned Display, Ultimate Experience – Toshiba TV’s M550

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HONG KONG, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Priced in the medium range with quite a number of premium features packed into it, Toshiba TV’s 4K UHD M550 television series recorded an impressive 65.7% sales increase for Q1 this year. It is one of the master craftsman’s latest offering to a market that constantly demands a TV to be more than just a TV.

Particularly worth noticing is the M550’s HDR (high dynamic range) features, which extends here to include Toshiba TV’s AI powered 4K up-scaling technology. With well-trained AI algorithms designed to bring you ever closer to the nuanced realness in natural color.

Inside the panel, the TV’s precisely placed local dimming zones sports a remarkable Fine Texture Restoration feature, also working in real-time to detect and reconstruct any potentially imperfect image, safeguarding your viewing experience against unwelcoming flaws in picture quality.

Adding a final touch of icing on the M550 series, side by side supporting the multiple features of the television’s 4K upscaling technology is Dolby Vision’s palpable presence. Designed with the strictest set of performance measurements, Dolby Vision undertakes automatic and spontaneous content optimization, checking every single scene to ensure that the images ending up on your screen live up to the promised potentials of the TV, and down to the tiniest detail, throughout every second of your experience, staying true to the images’ most natural state.

More than complementing the picture quality, the audio is also something to write about on its own. Equipped with the new REGZA Power Audio system, every pitch is optimized to recreate their natural realness; coupled with Dolby Atmos’ acoustic refinement, this viscerally immersive sound system will bring you pure acoustic delight.

With cutting-edge 4K up-scaling technology leading Dolby Vision’s relentless pursuit of perfect picture quality and REGZA Power Audio’s utter immersive surround sound system, the M550 television demonstrates Toshiba TV’s commitment to bringing you a more affordable viewing experience that is, at the same time, nothing less remarkable in hardcore features when compared with the brand’s higher-end series.

To find out more about the M550 series or the brand’s latest products that deliver the most brilliant cinematic experiences, stay tuned to Toshiba TV on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

(Note: REGZA is not available in Brazil)