Netac launches new Shadow II DDR5 memory with improved performance

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 June 2022 – After Netac (Netac Technology) launched Shadow plating RGB DDR5, the market performance of DDR5 was hot. Recently, Shadow II DDR5 memory has been introduced. Compared with the Shadow series, Shadow II DDR5 is also positioned in the middle and high end. The difference is that it has no RGB lighting function.

In terms of parameters, Shadow II DDR5 has a frequency specification of 4800MHz, and provides a large-capacity dual-channel memory specification of 8/16/32GB*2, with a timing sequence of 40-40-77 and a voltage of 1.1V The relevant R&D department indicated that high-frequency specifications such as 5600MHz and 6200MHz will be introduced one after another.

In terms of appearance, Shadow II DDR5 is designed in black and white, and symmetrical metal waistcoat with minimalist lines makes the product more fashionable and three-dimensional. The “Shadow” logo in the center is in relief shape, surrounded by a diamond-shaped border around a horse’s head. The upper part of the waistcoat also follows the symmetrical design, like a Pegasus with wings ready to fly. Of course, the metal vest also makes the heat dissipation capacity of the memory remarkably improved. For gamers, Shadow II DDR5 memory can undoubtedly bring more powerful performance experience.

About Netac Technology Co., Ltd.

Netac Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, was established in May 1999. It is a leading flash memory manufacturer. Netac Technology was successfully listed on the Second-board Market in January, 2010, and it is known as “the first mobile storage in China”. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange stock code: 300042).

Netac is now making every effort to expand the Hong Kong market, and invites partners in the industry to promote brand development. If those who are interested, please contact the general agent LOBCOM(HK) LTD in Hong Kong.

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