The First-Ever NFT Creative Competition 2022: The Winners

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HONG KONG, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since September 2021, NFT Investment and Venture Limited (NFT IV) and THEi have been in a strategic partnership to build the first NFT Lab in Hong Kong; combining NFTIV’s blockchain and NFT leading tech with THEi’s top-class higher education services.

Ever since the first opening, THEi NFT Lab has garnered a lot of traction and interest from the students as well as the general public. THEi held the first-ever NFT Creative Competition in May-June 2022 to put the students’ skills to the real-life application.

Students were invited to participate to create their NFT project or collection after a series of workshops held from May 6 – 13; train and equip the students with all the NFT know-how. In addition, winners will be sponsored to launch their collections in the ETH network for public sales on Naffiti.

The judging criteria were:

  • 30% Concept and Creativity
  • 30% Production Quality & Skills used
  • 30% Market Trending
  • 10% Teamwork

After careful consideration from the judges, we are proud to announce the winners. All winners will have an exclusive partnership with THEi NFT Lab.

  • Champion – COSZEY
  • 1st Runner Up – TRIANGLE
  • 2nd Runner Up – Catlovers
  • Merit – VTC Alumni (5PX)

Through the NFT Lab, THEi ensures that the students are equipped with the competitive vanguard of emerging Blockchain technologies and their broad application. Through this NFT Creative Competition 2022, NFT Lab wants to unlock and expand the potential of our students on the best path for success in the new landscape of Blockchain and NFT.

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