Qurio Education Introduces English Immersion Programme (EIP) with Putonghua in a 15,000 Sq Ft Modern Learning Facility to Encourage Children’s All-Round Growth

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Combining the Advanced Pedagogies of Local and International Schools to Welcome the New Academic Year

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 5 July 2022 – The pandemic has remained unpredictable for the last two years, having a significant impact on children. According to a series of reports produced by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) in April 2022, children’s growth in basic abilities such as speaking, writing and social-emotional control has been hampered after long-term prevention measures. Qurio, one of Hong Kong’s largest local education centres, launched the English Immersion Programme (EIP). The programme is designed for children aged 3 to 6, with the goal of enhancing academic performance through an innovative learning approach that combines the advanced local school curriculum with the best international school pedagogies. Moreover, to instil the social-emotional and life skills required for children to succeed in 21st-century society, for example, communication, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, etc., which help children to reach their full potential and encourage their all-round growth.


Through experiential learning, children are eager to assist one another and acquire excellent interpersonal skills.

Since its opening, Qurio has been committed to its “Children-Oriented” mission, which aims to inspire curiosity for lifelong learning, as well as equip each child for life beyond academic success. Ms Merian Lee, Vice Principal of Qurio, mentioned, “Our vision is to promote transformational families where every child is equipped to reach their full potential and thrive in life.” Therefore, Qurio designed a variety of experiential activities using an innovative learning approach that blends cutting-edge pedagogies from both local and international schools for young children. Children can learn English, Chinese, mathematics, social-emotional management, and other life skills in a stress-free setting with engaging and enjoyable immersion learning. This allows children to increase their social-emotional intelligence, increase their learning efficiency and capture the golden era of growth.

English Immersion Programme (EIP)

Strengthen the Language Foundation from Childhood

The optimal age for language development in children is three years old. Immersive language learning, on the other hand, is not equivalent to watching English TV channels, listening to English or Mandarin in one-way, or even staying in an English-speaking setting. In view of this, Qurio launched the English Immersion Programme (EIP), which aims to provide a three-times-a-week English and Mandarin immersion learning environment for children aged 3 to 6. The English Immersion Programme is taught by teachers who are qualified and experienced in teaching at kindergartens and primary schools, both locally and internationally, to offer children a solid foundation in language and prepare them for an interview or transition to the new academic year.

Understand Children’s Learning Progress through Preschool Assessment

Children’s learning schedules and progress have been disrupted by the pandemic. As children cannot learn face-to-face at school, parents are worried it is causing delays in their children’s learning progress and hindering their future growth. Qurio conducts a pre-school evaluation prior to enrollment to evaluate each child’s potential and follow up on their future learning development. After one academic year, children will be given a certificate and invited to the annual graduation ceremony.

International Experiential Learning x Advanced Learning Facilities

To meet the diverse learning needs of children, a 15,000 sq ft state-of-the-art learning facility is used for group-based experiential teaching. On Qurio’s campus, advanced learning facilities such as Thematic Classrooms, STEM Lab, Library and Zen Room have been specially designed to boost learning efficiency and create an immersive learning environment, allowing children to discover their unlimited possibilities.

Improve Social Skills through Interactive Learning

Qurio’s interactive learning approach enables children to adapt to a proper social environment while acquiring their language skills. Growth skill sets such as adaptability, self-confidence, self-knowledge, self-management, etc., can be fostered in a stress-free environment before the start of the new academic year.

Information of English Immersion Programme (EIP)

Face-to-Face Classes (Open for Enrollment)
Level: K1 – K3
Age: Aged 3 to 6
Location: Qurio campus in Kowloon Bay
Medium: In-Person
Duration: 1.5 hours per class
Days: 3 days per week
Total Weekly Hours: 4.5 hours

About Qurio Education

Qurio is one of Hong Kong’s largest local education centres, dedicated to providing outstanding after-school enrichment programmes and delivering a customised international school teaching model to children in local schools. The spoon-feeding education system in Hong Kong has emphasised mechanical training while ignoring the crucial advanced skills required after entering society, such as communication, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In light of this, Qurio is determined to deliver innovative experiential learning to local students, instilling the social-emotional and life skills required for them to thrive in a 21st-century society.

Currently, Qurio is organising a range of exciting and interactive courses for children aged 3 to 12, including kindergarten, primary and secondary school preparation courses in Chinese, English and mathematics. Children will recap previously acquired concepts while previewing the next semester’s learning content. Qurio will continue to adhere to its purpose of delivering high-quality after-school programmes, teaching fundamental subjects and equipping children with key life skills to prepare them for the future.

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