DrGo launches “Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme”

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Offering one-stop free Chinese medicine video consultation services for the Kwai Tsing community

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 19 July 2022 – HKT (SEHK: 6823) – HKT’s one-stop telemedicine platform DrGo today announced a partnership with River Cam Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic and South Kwai Chung Social Service Office to launch the “Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme”, providing 100 free Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) video consultation service sessions for residents living in the Kwai Tsing district.

DrGo has set up a service counter at the South Kwai Chung Social Service Office, where social workers help participants conduct video consultations with TCM practitioners.

DrGo has set up a service counter at the South Kwai Chung Social Service Office, where social workers help participants conduct video consultations with TCM practitioners.

The Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme offers patients a 30-minute telemedicine video consultation, prescribed medication for a minimum of two days (if a prescription is provided), as well as medicine delivery service to a designated address. The programme aims to provide TCM care to eligible Kwai Tsing district residents (with a quota of 100), including those with long COVID symptoms, to help them improve their quality of life in the post-pandemic world.

DrGo's Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme promotional truck is travelling around the Kwai Tsing district to raise community awareness of the TCM telemedicine programme.

DrGo’s Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme promotional truck is travelling around the Kwai Tsing district to raise community awareness of the TCM telemedicine programme.

DrGo is now one of Hong Kong’s leading telemedicine platforms, connecting users with over 12 medical partners and 100 medical experts to provide video consultation in general practice and eight specialist categories, including TCM, paediatrics, psychological health and family medicine, as well as remote monitoring and chronic disease management.

Ms Teresa Ng, Chief Commercial Officer of DrGo, said, “DrGo is committed to upholding its corporate social responsibility and contributing to the community. To date, DrGo has provided free video consultation services to more than 1,500 people in need. Through launching the Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme and expanding DrGo’s free services to TCM for the first time, we hope to allow patients who require TCM to experience the convenience of video consultation services, which can also help treat their long COVID symptoms.”

Mr. Alan Hoi-Lun Koo, Consultant Practitioner of River Cam Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic, said, “TCM plays an integral role in treating chronic illness. During the COVID-19 outbreak, TCM has proven to be effective in alleviating symptoms and treating sequelae, as well as rehabilitation during recovery. Yet, many patients who have refrained from going out during the epidemic have been unable to attend follow-up sessions, which in turn affected treatment effectiveness and recovery pace. Through technology advancements, patients can now take part in thorough TCM video consultations with TCM practitioners while eliminating the hassle of travel and geographical limitations. This not only increases their willingness to attend follow-up consultations, but also allow us to benefit more patients. We are honoured to be part of this programme, through which the underprivileged can benefit from volunteer medical consultation.”

The South Kwai Chung Social Service Office previously partnered with DrGo to provide free telemedicine services for elderly citizens and the chronically ill. With this new initiative, they are partnering again to launch the TCM telemedicine service programme. Mr Chow Yick-hay, BBS, JP, Chief Executive of South Kwai Chung Social Service, said, “Telemedicine services bring significant convenience to patients who have difficulty going out for medical treatment due to poor health or other circumstances, providing them with more flexible and diverse treatment options. We would like to thank DrGo and all the TCM practitioners who have participated in this programme for offering free consultation and one-stop medicine delivery services to patients within the community. Hong Kong was severely hit by the pandemic at the start of the year. Many people whom we have been serving were diagnosed with COVID-19 and suffered from long COVID symptoms. With the launch of this free TCM video consultation service, patients can leverage TCM more easily to treat their long COVID sequelae.”

Ms Lo, who is currently in her 60s, was diagnosed with COVID-19 at the start of this year. After recovery, her symptom of shortness of breath has gotten more severe, even after only walking for a short period of time. Through participating in the Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme, she only needs to walk a few minutes to the South Kwai Chung Social Service Office where she is accompanied by a social worker and receives video consultation from a TCM practitioner for her respiratory illness. In addition to saving her the time to travel to a physical TCM clinic, it makes attending follow-up sessions more convenient. Another programme participant is Mr Tsang, who is in his 70s and has suffered from eczema for years. As he lives near the South Kwai Chung Social Service Office, the one-stop TCM video consultation service with same-day medicine delivery of the Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme motivated him to tackle his health issue that had been affecting him for years.

To further drive community awareness of the Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme, DrGo arranged for a truck to travel around the Kwai Tsing district to promote the service, explain the programme and help those who are interested to sign up for DrGo.

For registration of DrGo services, please download the DrGo app at https://drgohkt.page.link/download_app. For further details of DrGo services, please call our service hotline at +852 2380 2323 or visit our website at www.drgo.com.hk.

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About DrGo

DrGo is an end-to-end app-based platform connecting users with Hong Kong registered medical practitioners, Hong Kong registered / listed Chinese medicine practitioners and other healthcare professionals who will provide medical and healthcare consultation services and advice via video consultation on mobile device. Certain prescribed medicine will be delivered to the user’s designated address. DrGo is the first HealthTech platform pioneered by HKT, offering convenient telehealthcare services via on an end-to-end app-based platform developed and managed locally by HKT professionals. With HKT’s advanced technologies, the entire consultation journey, including service registration, appointment booking, video consultation and payment will take place with encryption, aiming at protecting users’ privacy.

DrGo users in Hong Kong can get access to a one-stop healthcare consultation via their mobile devices. They can speak to a medical practitioners, Hong Kong registered / listed Chinese medicine practitioners or other healthcare professional from their home or workplace without the need to making a physical visit or queuing at a hospital or clinic. Remote consultation provides sense of ease and convenience, which is particularly important at a time when social distancing is critical during the current pandemic. Furthermore, DrGo received the “Technology – Best Telemedicine Mobile App” award from The Global Economics Awards 2022 and took Silver in the “Public Affairs and Social Innovation” category of Asia Smart App Awards 2021. These significant global awards are testament to DrGo’s cutting-edge innovation and professional service standard, which have earned the trust of its customers.

At present, DrGo is partnering with over 100 healthcare professionals from the below medical organisations to provide remote telemedicine and healthcare services: Amazing Medical, EC Healthcare, Gleneagles Hospital, HealthKit Medical Centre, MAX Medical Centre, Medical Concierge, Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), Quality Healthcare, River Cam Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic.