NOVATION launches DataVio solution, saving businesses time and resources on manual data processing

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 2 August 2022 – NOVATION, Hong Kong’s globally trusted leader in data security and automation, has announced the release of DataVio, its cloud-based solution for helping businesses automate the processing and extraction of valuable data from documents.

The launch of DataVio is part of NOVATION’s push towards offering more digital products and private cloud solutions to clients, while building on its heritage in secure data handling.

DataVio uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which enables data to be extracted from printed or written text from a scanned document or image. The OCR converts data into a machine-readable form suitable for subsequent processing.

“Data is an inextricable part of a company’s lifeblood. Instead of spending valuable resources for manual processing, DataVio helps you manage your time and maximize your efficiency in doing business by leveraging data,” said Sin Wai Kin, General Manager at Novation Solutions.

Instead of spending valuable time and effort capturing and inputting data manually, ensuring that the data entered is correct, and going back to amend incorrect data, DataVio takes care of this for you so you and your team can dedicate your efforts to more important aspects of your business.

DataVio accomplishes automated data processing in three steps: data extraction, intelligent data processing and output data in convenient formats.

Data extraction entails leveraging OCR technology and algorithms to obtain data from formats such as Word, PDFs and even images. You need only upload business documents into the DataVio web application from your browser. Intelligent data processing then allows you to customise rules to improve processing: DataVio’s intuitive user interface/user experience (UI/UX) helps define data fields for this purpose.

Finally, DataVio helps convert extracted data into formats that fit your workflow. This solution imports data output files into your business applications (such as CRM) or files them for recording or compliance purposes.

“Data processing is necessary in every sector. DataVio provides digital solutions to real-world scenarios, where human error in data extraction and processing can occur,” Sin said.

DataVio can be useful in various industries. In banking and financial services, DataVio can reduce human error on the part of company staff, with regards to client documents and application forms.

In the healthcare and medical industry, DataVio is a highly practical tool to have. Apart from preventing mistakes in data extraction, this solution helps prevent medical staff getting bogged down by paperwork instead of focusing on patient care.

DataVio can also be applied to higher education and learning institutions by digitising student records and applications, as payment collections will be facilitated more easily. In the legal and compliance industry, DataVio can speed up extraction of data from legal documents and necessary paperwork, while helping you stay competitive in a quickly digitalising landscape.

This solution was presented to businesses by SDH Group, a subsidiary of Adera Global, Singapore’s foremost leader in automation and data security. The institution has under its belt 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on digital identification, payment solutions, automation and smart cards.

Sin said: “We at NOVATION are committed to usher in businesses into the digital world through automation and data security. We also strive to help you enhance your business’ performance in your industry. DataVio reduces the need for manual data processing, thereby improving your business’ services.”

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With over 33 years of Secured Data Handling experience, NOVATION has been appointed by different companies in Hong Kong from Banks, Insurance, Financial and Government Sector for providing printing services solutions. With this privilege, we have been working with the client’s business users, IT team and project team to deliver end-to-end services on secure data handling, which consists of 4 pillars – Document Management Services, Document Processing Services, Print Management and Automation Solutions.

With services that focus on digital transformation, workflow automation and process optimization, NOVATION strives to improve our service quality, capability, and flexibility in meeting our client’s business needs.

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