Newchic, Global Online Fashion Platform, Extends Deadline for 2022 Fashion Contest

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HONG KONG and LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Newchic, an online fashion platform composed of brands that celebrate diversity, inclusion, and creativity, today announced that it will extend the deadline of its 2022 #ArtYourPossibility Contest by nine calendar days to August 19, 2022 (PST). The original deadline was August 10, 2022 (PST).


Newchic postponed the deadline to ensure that no contestant loses their chance to compete in the contest for circumstances beyond their control. Contestants must submit portfolios that consist of six original illustrations that relate to one (or two) of the four contest themes as well as a description of the story and creative process behind the designs. (Contestants are allowed to submit work for up to two themes maximum.)

"At Newchic, one of our principal goals is to equip emerging designers with the resources to express their unique creativity," said Mr. Zou, President of Newchic. "We are excited to showcase this talent on a global scale."

The 2022 #ArtYourPossibility Contest seeks to uplift rising fashion creatives around the world by giving them a platform to tell their unique stories and advocate for the causes they care about. The contest is centered around four themes that are based on the four CSR-conscious fashion brands acting as co-hosts for the competition: Selfsow, Koyye, Mensclo, and Charmkpr.

Each of these four brands focuses on a specific social mission in addition to supporting Newchic’s broader goal of promoting uniqueness, expression, and multi-creativity. Selfsow celebrates women’s awareness and appreciation of their own beauty — and their power to define their beauty through self-expression. Koyye creates designs that reflect the dauntlessness of young street-culture enthusiasts who are constantly pushing the boundaries of color and creativity to make a difference in the world. Mensclo emphasizes a "less is more" approach to design, utilizing timeless, minimal styles that can adapt to any wardrobe. Finally, Charmkpr draws on the influence of global heritages and histories on men’s fashion, highlighting the beauty of our united planet.

Newchic has also adjusted other key contest dates to reflect the new deadline. After submissions close on August 19, 2022 (PST), the public will have the chance to vote for their favorite submissions. Newchic will select the top eight finalists based on this vote and coordinate 1:1 interviews with the designers, which will take place over Zoom the weekend of August 20, 2022 (PST). Then, on the weekend of August 27, 2022 (PST), Newchic will host an Instagram Live where judges will review the finalists’ designs in real-time and announce the top four winners based on a scoring system. The top four winners will each receive a cash prize of 1,500 USD.

There’s still till to join the contest. Register to learn more about participation and full contest details using the following link:

About Newchic

Newchic is an online fashion platform composed of brands that celebrate diversity, inclusion, and creativity. Founded in 2014, Newchic has achieved rapid development on a global scale, ranking among the top online shopping websites. Newchic offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to help conscious customers pursue their styles. Newchic has won recognition and trust from customers in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.