Temple Mall Presents “Moonlight NEONade” for Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong’s First 3D Neon Moon Celebrates City’s Famed Neon Lights

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  • Old neon signs upcycled into 2-metre 3D moon replica with an artistic edge
  • One of the city’s last artisan neon sign makers joined by a new-generation artist to sustain Hong Kong’s neon sign tradition and contribute to its development
  • Exclusive mooncake gift box presented in collaboration with French patisserie Paul Lafayet

HONG KONG, Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This year, Temple Mall is topping up its effort to support the sustainable development and transformation of a local artisanal tradition with Moonlight NEONade, a one-of-a-kind Mid-Autumn Festival celebration organised with streetsignhk, a local conservation group dedicated to the city’s signature neon signboards. Old neon signs are given a new lease on life in this Instagrammable collaboration, which has resulted in the creation of a 2-metre festive installation of out of used neon tubes. Thanks to Master Wu Chi-kai, one of Hong Kong’s last neon light makers, and emerging neon light artist Jive Lau, this old tradition regains its former glory, resurrecting this important part of the city’s cultural heritage.

Temple Mall Presents “Moonlight NEONade” for Mid-Autumn Festival
Temple Mall Presents “Moonlight NEONade” for Mid-Autumn Festival

3D Neon Moon Traces Different Lunar Phases

Enjoy a moonlit Mid-Autumn Festival celebration from 13 August to 18 September at Temple Mall North, where the glow from a neon moon creates new festive memories tinged with nostalgia, enjoy the full moon regardless of when and where. Conceived by streetsignhk through a combination of traditional workmanship and innovative technology, the giant 3D neon light installation traces the lunar phases from new to full moon, giving pride of place to the cultural patina of Hong Kong’s most recognisable icons, with a nod to the reinvigoration and sustainable development of neon light art.

The handmade sculpture of the moon was fashioned out of used – even broken – neon tubes, which involved a painstaking two-way restoration and repair process made possible through the collaboration between Master Wu, with four decades of neon sign making experience, and Gen-Y neon light artist Jive Lau from Kowloneon. Master Wu reconnected broken tubes with his own skilful hands while Jive breathed new life into damaged signs through neon gas recharging and tube remoulding. The latter is a delicate practice using 1,200˚C heat to soften and reshape glass tubes following their original designs.

Emerging Homegrown Artist to Create Neon Selfie Spot

Besides the 3D installation, there is also a selfie zone on the second floor of the mall featuring works designed and produced by Jive Lau. The scenography is a playful sculpture of light, with a modern and graphic take on Temple Mall combining traditional neon light craftsmanship and new visual elements.

A Slice of French Romance with the Temple Mall x Paul Lafayet Mooncake Gift Box

Share sweet memories with your loved ones during the Mid-Autumn Festival – the perfect time for a family reunion. Temple Mall is partnering with French patisserie Paul Lafayet for the first time to give the Mid-Autumn celebration a romantic French touch-up with the Moonlight Serenade Premium Mooncake Gift Box, packing together three delectable flavours including the aromatic Earl Grey Tea Custard, the mellow and nourishing Manuka Honey Custard, and the brand-new Lava Coffee Custard infused with the rich and nutty flavour of roasted coffee. Each bite is a mouthful of French romance lovingly crafted to satisfy all sweet tooths!

The packaging, too, is the work of a master hand – the moon phases come to life with a spin of the rotating star-dusted sky on the box. From 7 August to 11 September, customers with at least $6,000 in cumulative e-spending within a 7-day period at Temple Mall (documented with two to seven original receipts issued by different merchants) can redeem their receipts for one Temple Mall x Paul Lafayet Premium Mooncake Gift Box, available in limited quantities while stock lasts.

Foodie Paradise at the Mid-Autumn Market with Multiple Rewards up for Grabs

From 16 August until 18 September, the first floor of Temple Mall North will be transformed into a Mid-Autumn market replete with the most sought-after mooncake gift boxes and festive food for a truly satisfying festive shopping experience.

Meanwhile, popular retail and food and beverage outlets, including Chow Sang Sang, SaSa, Hoi Tin Tong, Gyuhachi Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant and Choi Fung Hong, are offering discounts of up to 40% and other perks, while customers with e-spending of at least $200 during the campaign period can take home a moon phases magnet. The magnet style will be offered on a random basis, and magnets are available in limited quantities while stock lasts. For details of merchant discounts and promotion offers, please refer to the in-mall marketing collateral.

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Temple Mall Moonlight NEONade

Date: 13 August to 18 September 2022
Time: 11am to 8pm
Venue: 1/F, Temple Mall North

For more details about the event, please visit Linkhk.com.

Download photos: https://bit.ly/3JUX17u

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About streetsignhk

streetsignhk was founded by Ken Fung and Kevin Mak in October 2017 to celebrate one of Hong Kong’s most ubiquitous sights. The architect duo explores the cultural and aesthetic values behind the story of local signboards, with a view to sustaining the neon-lit cityscape as urban heritage through well-thought-out architectural and conservation policies. Recent projects of streetsignhk include La Nuit des Idées 2022 co-organised with the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau and the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, and RE:ON LIGHT with Fujifilm Business Innovation Hong Kong.

About Master Wu Chi-kai

Master Wu Chi-kai is one of Hong Kong’s last neon sign makers, with 40 years of hands-on experience. Master Wu entered the trade as an apprentice at the age of 17 when neon sign making was in its heyday. More recently, he has engaged in collaborative projects, including creative sign making and three-dimensional installation, with art practitioners.

About Jive Lau

Artist, designer and founder of Kowloneon, Jive Lau is passionate about the beauty of neon lights and their creation. Jive served his apprenticeship in Taiwan before establishing Kowloneon in Hong Kong to promote the valuable art form of neon lights through workshops and creative projects.