Blockbuster enters the area-the first round IDO of the world’s first Web3 ecological exchange BIB is starting

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 23 September 2022 – Web3 era has given birth to a new business model. On the eve of the change, BIB Exchange, an innovative trading platform in the Web3, was laid out in depth. A double ecological circulation system of “Exchange +Web3” was built based on the concept of Web3 to empower the platform currency BIB. Under its strategic layout, BIB provides value support for NFT in BIB Meta. As an innovative platform currency, BIB is highly sought after by crypto investors, Web3 enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

IDO plan of BIB Exchange is about to open. This event will last for three days, and each address can only be subscribed once. Details are as follows:


The Web3 era is on the verge, and BIB ecology emerges as the times require

BIB Exchange is the world’s first innovative exchange that integrates the Web3 ecosystem, creating the BIB Meta ecosystem. Through the massive user traffic of BIB trading platform, it perfectly solves the traffic dilemma of Web3 in the early stage of development. The mutual value transfer mode between platform currency BIB and NFT clears all the development obstacles, makes the true value spiral in the two financial symbols, and finally achieves the era light of Web3 and shines brilliantly in BIB ecosystem.

Innovative dual-core assets, analysis of the rights and interests of the five major tokens

At the beginning of this year, BIB trading platform released the creation plan of platform currency BIB, and will open the first round of IDO in the second half of this year.

BIB is the platform token of BIB Exchange, and it is also the core asset of BIB platform and BIB Meta double ecological circulation system. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze it in detail.

  • Unique deflation mechanism, condensing intrinsic value

BIB Token has a unique token destruction mode, namely, the destruction mechanism of casting and accelerating the synthesis of NFT, the destruction mechanism of node reward pool at a specific stage and the destruction mechanism of 1% on-chain transaction amount. Strong deflation provides a strong support for the value of BIB. Compared with the “deflation” mechanism of other platforms by destroying tokens and making announcements, BIB has achieved deflation in the real sense. The records of BIB’s destruction and exchange for BUSD can be queried on the chain, which is completely open and transparent, all of which is reflected in its exponential increase in the general price.

  • Empower BIB Meta NFT and provide value support.

The integration of BIB Token and BIB Meta ecology endows NFT with value and provides liquidity, which is equivalent to making NFT have value beyond its own attributes, and can be regarded as the second-class token of BIB Meta Star Card NFT. While BIB Meta, with the advantage of its own system, allows mining by pledging NFT to obtain BIB and feed back.

  • Enrich ecological application scenarios, multi-directional future planning

BIB Meta is an important application ecological scene of BIB. With the continuous improvement of multiverse scenes, the scenes in BIB Meta will be more and more abundant. For example, more Mint Meta self-operated projects NFT-in addition to the Star Card NFT, NFT cards with basketball, e-sports and other themes will be launched in the future, and NFT secondary market transactions will be opened. In the future, BIB will support the purchase of other NFTs and even their whitelist qualifications, as well as more decentralized lottery, tournament quiz, decentralized lending and other directions, which is worth looking forward to.

  • High-level forecast of real currency price model

According to the BIB platform currency relative valuation model, the annual revenue of the exchange is USD 15 million. With an annual cost of $50,000, the expected price of BIB tokens should be $0.00668. Compared with the increase of IDO by 32 times, users’ actual mining income calculated by BIB will be higher.

While BIB token is about to start, IDO is ready to go.

In the project planning, BIB will focus on the development and research of global Web3 from beginning to end, gradually covering the open global Web3, the all-true digital experience meta-universe, multi-value support NFT series, and decentralized finance and lending, and strive to build a one-stop and all-round Web3 ecosystem.

Hashtag: #BIBMeta

About BIB Exchange:

Founded in September 2021, BIB Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “BIB”) provides professional digital financial services to more than 2 million users around the world. Its daily average assets flow over $1 billion, and the total digital assets under its custody exceed $500 million. BIB provides digital asset payment services for global enterprises, builds a seamless business system from digital asset transaction to payment. It is a full-service international group covering blockchain technology research and development, asset transaction and asset management services.

At present, BIB is laying out digital currency trading compliance business in Canada, Seychelles, Malta, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and other places. In the future, it will provide multilingual versions and diversified digital financial services.