City-first Interactive Exhibition on Health Tech “Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub” opens its doors in Central

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Industry leaders and Start-Ups discuss the Future of Healthcare and Technology 

3 Health Zones across 2 stories illustrating the future of Technology and Healthcare 

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HONG KONG, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the pandemic, personal wellbeing has risen to our top priority. People are in constant pursuit of health under the new normal. Rapid technological advancements as well as Hong Kong’s enviable global positioning in smart healthcare technology are testament to the dawn of the "Healthcare 3.0" Evolution – one that is patient-centric, highly transparent, interactive, personalized and equipped to accurately predict and better monitor our individual health needs thanks to big data, AI, mobile technology and so much more. People are stepping in the future of healthy living.

(From left) Ms Ingrid Au, Vice President, eHealth Consortium; Mr. Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director of Bupa Hong Kong; Dr. Yvonne Leung, Director of Customer Transformation & Growth of Bupa Hong Kong; and Ms. Selina Lau, CEO of The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, officiated at the opening ceremony of “Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub”.
(From left) Ms Ingrid Au, Vice President, eHealth Consortium; Mr. Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director of Bupa Hong Kong; Dr. Yvonne Leung, Director of Customer Transformation & Growth of Bupa Hong Kong; and Ms. Selina Lau, CEO of The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, officiated at the opening ceremony of “Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub”.

Themed "The Future of Health & Technology", One Bupa’s "Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub" brings the city’s first interactive exhibition highlighting health tech and personal wellbeing with aims to ring in the "Healthcare 3.0" evolution in Hong Kong. From September 27 to October 9, the 2-storied exhibition will showcase the health tech, services and applications from our city and around Asia.

Mr. Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director of Bupa Hong Kong, said, "More and more people hope to have a highly interactive, personalized healthcare platform where they can get a hold of their personal health data anytime, anywhere. One Bupa strives to satisfy our customers’ need for point-to-point, personalized healthcare. Amidst the dawn of the ‘Healthcare 3.0’ evolution, we bring the city’s first interactive healthcare exhibition aiming to provide the public a taste of healthcare of tomorrow including smart medical technology and devices and so, so much more."

Mr Merrilees said, "The ‘One Bupa Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub’ espouses our company’s people-first motto. We will continue to offer dynamic, personalized and flexible offerings so we can all better manage our health and plan for the future."

Spread across 2 floors, the 3 health zones of the Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub" include "Everyday Health Fun Zone", "Future of Medicine Zone" and "Preventative Care Zone" that all offer immersive experiences and digital games that highlight the seamless marriage between technology, healthcare and everyday life. Learn about the importance of smart healthcare as well as the future of health technology, smart medical services and health monitoring devices of tomorrow right here.

Spotlight of the 3 Interactive Zones:

1. "Everyday Health Fun Zone" – Experience Healthcare 3.0 and the smart, interactive medical technology of big data

"Healthcare 3.0" is all about smart and highly personalised devices that can better and more accurately predict and monitor our health. "Everyday Health Fun Zone" is home to the "Spin to Win": Interactive Sport Game as well as the "Test Your Nutrition IQ": Interactive Nutrition Game, both of which are designed to encourage participants to devote time to exercise and to learn about nutrition, so they take heed to the choices they make in their everyday lives. "Healthcare 3.0" allows the freedom for users to truly understand their physical conditions proactively thanks to cool smart devices and big data analysis.

2. Future of Medicine Zone: Get a taste of smart check anytime, anywhere; All-in-one Smart Clinic and real-time virtual consultations on One Bupa’s extensive medical network

Step into the Clinic of the Future and get up close and personal to the healthcare of tomorrow. The dawn of Healthcare 3.0 as a result of AI and mobile technology has allowed for smarter and more mobile healthcare technology that better understand your physical conditions via non-invasive means so you can receive timely diagnosis and treatment. [2]

One Bupa has introduced a number of smart AI technologies in its body-check programmes[2] so users can take charge of their own check-ups. For instance:

  • Bupa Australia has brought in the AI retinal screening technology "Bupa Eyelnspect".
  • Local medical technology pioneer ClinicOne has developed cloud-based AI technology "AI Selfie Nostic" that effectively detects four major health pillars; "Remote Health Monitoring", boasting advanced technology that can examine physical conditions in real time, followed up by medical consultations and referral services; as well as the "All-in-one Smart Clinic" offering real-time body check reports and remote consultation.
  • Bupa prizes more than just physical health, that’s why it has partnered with Coolminds to debut the digital art therapy zone, "Be Brave Now", centered around colours and numbers.
  • Get a taste of Healthcare 3.0’s smart mobile application, digital one-stop-shop clinic and remote consultation now.[1]

Finally, try at the surgery simulation game, Dr. Roboto, to conduct a remote operation successfully.

3. Preventive Care Zone: Pave a healthy future through understanding health knowledge relevant to all age groups and get a taste of Healthcare 3.0’s point-to-point, personalised medical services

Depending on our lifestyles and living environments, our metabolism and body functions may change after 30 years old. Go through the tunnel and find out the risks at 30-, 40-, and 50-year-old so you can plan ahead. This zone is teemed with vibrant LED walls perfect for Instagram.

Unlock the "Healthy Metaverse" and redeem a personalized Healthy Hero Artwork

To better showcase the unimaginable fun and convenience Healthcare 3.0 brings, the One Bupa Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub features a myriad digital, interactive games. After registering online, participants will receive a QR Code. Scan it, follow the exhibit map and complete the missions in these 3 zones to unlock the hidden "Healthy Metaverse", whereby participants can redeem their exclusive Health Hero Artwork for free. The artwork is symbolic of health-related big data collected from our daily life, truly tipping the hat to how the future of smart technology can make our world a better place.

As well, the artwork will be automatically stored today (September 27) in the One Bupa Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub, thanks to the world’s first digital mobile wallet released by Hong Kong-based Web 3.0 start-up DTTD, which is powered by blockchain game company Animoca Brands. Participants who minted their artwork on September 27 can set up their personal digital gallery via the DTTD mobile app, on which they can also share their works and receive the latest related news. The Health Hero Artwork is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last.

4. Don’t miss out the Health Market x Professional Panel

To encourage everyone to embark on a healthy lifestyle, One Bupa has joined hands with a plethora of brands in the Health Market such as OATLY, TamJai Yunnan Mixian, TamJai SamGor Mixian , 3M, Bricks, TRAILBLAZER, AERIS BY Robot, SOUPER and more. As well, One Bupa has also invited a panel of professionals to host health talks and workshops. 

Health workshops (Speakers and themes)





2 October

15:00 – 17:00

Ms. Samantha Pei

Director, Present Senses Limited

LEGO : Creative Thinking, Communication and Problem Solving

9 October

15:00 – 17:00

Aromatherapy workshop

Health talks (Speakers and themes)





28 September

13:00- 13:30

Mr. Andrew Merrilees
Managing Director, Bupa Hong Kong

Healthcare ecosystem innovation and development


Mr. Chris Barford
Data & Analytics lead, Partner at EY HK Financial services Advisory

Mr. Brad Scheepers
APAC Data & Analytics Principal, AIA Group

Mr. Anthony Ng
Head of Strategy and Chief of Staff, Bupa Hong Kong

Moderated by
Mr. Dickson Ma
Director, Head of Business Development and Ecosystem, Livi Bank

How data & analytics will help shape the future of healthcare insurance and provision

13:50 – 14:20

Mr. CM Lam
CEO, ClinicONE

Health tech dynamics – self health monitoring perspective



Mr. Edwin Lau
CEO, The Green Earth

Dr. Mark Watson
Senior Managing Director & Head of ESG Advisory, Teneo

Mr. Raymond Mak
Co-Founder of Farmacy Hong Kong

Moderated by
Christel Escosa
Creative Consultant and Content DirectorCreative Consultant and Content Director, The New Moon

Future ready with "Climate Anxiety"

13:30 – 14:00

Mr. Colin Chan
CEO and Co-Founder,
Comedi Health Technology

Comedia Health – Your telehealth companion

15:00 – 15:30

Dr. Anthony KY Law
Adjunct Associate Professor, PolyU

The effect of PM2.5 on lung health: asthma and lung cancer

30 September


Dr. Yat Chow
Executive Medical Director, Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited

Post pandemic mental health and psychological resilience

13:30 – 14:00

Ms. Samantha Pei
Director, Present Senses Limited

Improve corporate wellness with LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®

14:00 – 14:20

Mr. Jim Heng

Director of Channel Strategy, Distribution and Sales, Bupa Hong Kong

Employee health & wellbeing – a secret of workplace superpower

14:20 – 14:40

Mr. Alex Kot

Co-Founder & CEO of SLEEEP Technologies Ltd

Can I sleep better?


Ms. Maggie Ching
Director & Co-founder of Complion Solutions Ltd.

Shaping employee wellness program of the future


Dr. Anthony KY Law
Adjunct Associate Professor, PolyU

Health effects of indoor air and ozone on children

1 October


Jeremy Hung
Founder & Head of Film Programs

Matthew Leung
Head of Mentorship Program

Norawee Kaweepati Student Artist

Anya Saha
Student Artist

Filmmaking and Mental Health: Seeing the Impact of Covid-19 Through the Lens of Hong Kong Teenagers

15:00 – 15:45

Ms. Avneet Kaur

Coolminds Youth Ambassador

My Journey to Mental Health Advocacy

3 October


Mr. Zen Lam

Director of Business Development, Tencent Cloud

Healthcare 3.0: Unlocking the value of cloud technology

4 October

13:00 – 13:30

Dr. Anthony KY Law

Adjunct Associate Professor, PolyU

Build up pet-friendly environment from air quality

13:30 – 14:00

Mr. KK Wong

Senior Partnership Manager, OneDegree

Pet insurance

5 October

13:00 – 13:45

Mr. Evan Lam
Hong Kong Sales Lead,

Mr. Bill Cheng
Associate Director, Wechat Pay, Tencent

Mr. Terry Ling
Deputy Head of Business Development, Livi Bank

Moderated by
Yan Chan
Head of CX Design & Management, Bupa Hong Kong

Promising payment experiences with digital advancement

13:45 – 14:15

Mr. Christopher Cheung


Emerging trends, pain points and future adoption with digital assets and blockchain technologies

6 October

13:00 – 13:20

Mr. Gary Yung
Head of Business Development, ClinicONE

Ms. Jenny Chiu
General Manager, PHASE Scientific International

Dr Lydia Leung
CEO, Belun Technology

Moderated by
Dr. Geoffrey Lau
Medical Director, QHMS

Transformation in healthcare – toward personalized health

13:20 – 13:40

Mr. Gabriel Kung
Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company

Mr. Alvin Kwock
Co-founder & CEO, OneDegree

Mr. Anthony Ng
Google HK

Ms. Michelle Chan
Co-Chair, InsurTech / AI & Big Data, FinTech Association of Hong Kong; and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of The Phygital

Rise of InsurTech: evolving technology vs customer expectation

7 October

13:00 – 14:00

Ms. Agnes Lung
Group Chief Marketing Officer, Tam Jai International Co.

Ms Zaf Chow
Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships, Animoca Brands

Dr. Yvonne Leung
Director of Customer Transformation & Growth, Bupa Hong Kong

Moderated by
Mr. Kevin Shui
Founder & Chief Producer, Good Cause Digital

Insights from marketing projects leveraging ideas


Mr. Bosco Lin

Co-Founder and CEO, DTTD

Creators should now dream bigger with emerging technologies of blockchain


Mr. Yuman Chan

General Manager, Bupa Hong Kong

Healthcare ambition crossing over Insurance

9 October


Ms. Harriet Chan

Coolminds  Youth Ambassador, Coolminds

How creative arts help youth connect with the outside world


Ms. Beo Chu

Coolminds Youth Ambassador, Coolminds

How creative arts help youth connect with the outside world


"Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub" Event Details


September 27, 2022 (Tuesday) – October 9, 2022 (Sunday)


G/F & 1/F, Asia Standard Tower, Central (old TOPSHOP flagship)


[1] After registering on the event website, participants will receive a QR Code to begin the games. The Health Points will be accumulated automatically after they complete each task. Take on another challenge.

[2] The installations on-site are merely designed for experiential purposes and should not be taken as medical advice. Shall participants be concerned about their health, please consult a qualified medical professional or healthcare service for medical advice.

About One Bupa

We are a uniquely integrated healthcare business in Hong Kong, offering holistic healthcare solutions to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives and make a better world. The One Bupa umbrella houses Bupa Hong Kong, an insurance provider in Hong Kong focused solely on medical coverage; Quality HealthCare (QHMS), one of Hong Kong’s largest private clinic networks; and the Bupa Medical and Bupa Dental Centres, which are Hong Kong’s first medical facilities operated by an insurer’s healthcare provision arm. One Bupa delivers multidimensional value to our customers: from predictive insights, to preventative care, to tailored services at every touchpoint along the healthcare journey.

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