Link’s Tuen Mun Adventure Returns in ‘Adventure Off We Go!’ with Experiential Activities

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Venture into Bucolic Tuen Mun on Hiking and Bike in Light Traveling style

  • ‘3+2’ light travel itinerary offered by Link’s four Tuen Mun malls in the proximity to ‘world-class’ natural scenery under ‘Adventure Off We GoAdventure Off We Go’ with 3 popular hiking routes and 2 biking routes
  • Elevated bike x culture tours to give urbanites a taste of the nostalgic Tuen Mun spanning rural history and local architectural gem, with Japanese style bikes for rental

HONG KONG, Oct. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While Tuen Mun is famed for its unique natural landscapes and cultural attractions, these Instagrammable ‘world-class’ spots are located just a stone’s throw away from Link’s Leung King Plaza, Butterfly Plaza, Fu Tai Shopping Centre and Sam Shing Commercial Centre, making the bucolic district extremely popular with hikers and cyclists. From now until 30 November, Tuen Mun Adventure returns to celebrate ‘Adventure Off We Go’ with three not-to-be-missed highlight routes and two new cycling routes through cultural heritage in Tuen Mun District. Feel free to mix and match the routes from the ‘3+2’ itinerary and soak up the stunning sea and mountain views in your everyday life.

Tuen Mun Adventure returns with a ‘3+2’ local travel itinerary and a series of happenings around Link’s Leung King Plaza and Butterfly Plaza in Tuen Mun to celebrate ‘Adventure Off We Go’ culture and light travel events.
Tuen Mun Adventure returns with a ‘3+2’ local travel itinerary and a series of happenings around Link’s Leung King Plaza and Butterfly Plaza in Tuen Mun to celebrate ‘Adventure Off We Go’ culture and light travel events.

‘3+2’ Sea-to-Hill Routes with Vintage Bike Tours to Explore the Hidden Stories in Tuen Mun

On top of three familiar highlight routes, Tuen Mun Adventure is upgraded with 2 newly designed cycling routes in collaboration with local vintage bicycle supported by Common Sense, namely "Bike Tour Through Rustic Rural Villages" and "Bike Tour through Fishing Village and Sunset". Dig into the anecdotes, culture and history of local rural villages and fishing village, as well as folk customs during guided vintage bike tours led by an experienced docent. Stop by Leung King Plaza and Butterfly Plaza for supply refill and immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes on two wheels.

Cultural x Cycling Routes:

Alpine Cycling Route 1: Bike Tour Through Rustic Rural Villages

Head from Hung Shui Kiu to northwest Tuen Mun and you will be amazed at the hottest selfie spot Lam Tei Main Street and nostalgic pathways through intimate villages like San Hing Tsuen and Tsz Tin Tsuen, which offer a glimpse of the rustic past, architectural features, and natural ecosystem of Tuen Mun. Round out the journey in classy local style with a hearty dinner at Leung King Plaza, home to a wide range of restaurants.

Coastal Cycling Route 2: Bike Tour through Fishing Village and Sunset

Savour the urban and the rural, the river and hills of the northwest New Territories along Tuen Mun River. A leisure ride to Hau Kok Tin Hau Temple affords you the timeless view of century-old seaside buildings and the glorious past of the fishing village. As you learn the stories of local family businesses, don’t forget to take a break at Butterfly Plaza before hitting Butterfly Beach, where you can marvel at the statue of Guanyin and the breathtaking sunset at the ‘West Coast’ of Hong Kong.


Hiking Routes with ‘World-class’ Vistas:

Alpine Route 1: Scrutinise Thousand Island Lake

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir is commonly referred to as the ‘Thousand Island Lake’. From Fu Tai Shopping Centre, walk for about 30 minutes along Tuen Mun Trail to the picture-perfect ‘Rainbow Rail’. Continue down to ‘Thousand Island Lake’ three hours’ walk away. The viewing deck there offers fantastic views.

Coastal Route 2: Depart at Hong Kong’s Miami for Epic Waterfront Vistas

Touted as Hong Kong’s Miami, Ho Wo Street is a new hangout spot in Tuen Mun. Head out from Butterfly Plaza and walk pass Butterfly Beach by the sea. Walk along the stretch of the seaside dyke to reach Ho Wo Street for sunset. The 30,000-square-foot Butterfly Plaza is Hong Kong’s largest single-storey market housing more than 150 vendors of quality produce and ingredients — perfect as a supply depot for hikers. 

Coastal Route 3: Revel at Five Beaches Along Coastline

The east coast of Castle Peak Bay is a popular weekend destination for families. Head out from Sam Shing Commercial Centre and drink in the sprawling coastline along Castle Peak Bay, Kadoorie Beach, Cafeteria Old Beach and Cafeteria New Beach. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the Golden Beach, where you can indulge yourself in the laid-back, exotic vibe. Dine in at one of the famous seafood restaurants at Sam Shing Commercial Centre to round off your outing on a delicious note.

Interactive Happenings & Mobile Markets Filled with Local Labels and Autumn Surprises

Besides the ‘3+2’ Sea-to-Hill routes, thematic markets and happenings centring on cycling culture are launched in collaboration with a dozen of brands:

  • Japanese Style Bike Rental: Rent a Japanese vintage bike from Bike The Moment, a local group promoting cycling culture, for a leisure ride with friends.
  • Coffee Workshop: Coffeeholic can’t miss the chance to ‘grind’ coffee themselves using tools made from bicycle parts.
  • Mobile Bike Market: Explore the alpine and coastal Tuen Mun on two wheels with bike rental vendors as they share their stories in an unexpected market experience on designated weekends during October.
  • Yama Style Bazaar: Bringing together 10-plus brands, this market offering a curated selection of hiking, camping, cycling and outdoor goodies is an ideal meeting point for hipsters.
  • Redemption of limited-edition hiking gear: Customers registered as a Link member can redeem a limited-edition lush green ‘Camping chair with cooler bag’ and a limited-edition ocean blue ‘Outdoor foldable table’ with a designated amount of spending during the promotion period.

Share Your ‘Light Local Travel’ Style with Tuen Mun Adventure First-ever Official Instagram Account

Tuen Mun Adventure goes multimedia to share event details, ‘3+2’ alpine and coastal routes and outing ideas via its first-ever official Instagram account, inviting all to embrace the beauty of local travel in everyday living and feed the Tuen Mun Adventure Log with your ‘Adventure Off We Go’ experience. Be inspired by the travelogues of local explorers Tommi and Kate and create your own memories in Tuen Mun!

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit and "Tuen Mun Adventure" Instagram

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Tuen Mun Adventure Highlights:

Limited-edition Hiking Gear Redemption

E-stamps redemption period: From now to 20 November

Gifts redemption period: From now to 30 November

Redemption hours: 11am to 7pm

Redemption venue: Customer Service counters at Leung King Plaza and Butterfly Plaza

During the campaign, customers can redeem one e-stamp with 3-day electronic spending of HK$50 at Leung King Plaza and Butterfly Plaza. A designated number of e-stamps will be redeemable for one corresponding prize.

^Electronic payment methods include credit cards, EPS, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Tap & Go, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, Octopus or other mobile payment applications.


Lush green ‘camping chair with cooler bag’ 

A total of 25 e-stamps is redeemable for one ‘camping chair with cooler bag’ inspired by the endless hills of Tuen Mun (600pcs in total, available on a first come, first served basis while stock lasts).


Ocean blue ‘outdoor foldable table’

 A total of 50 e-stamps is redeemable for one ‘outdoor foldable table’ encrusted with Tuen Mun’s unique coastline (400pcs in total, available on a first come, first served basis while stock lasts).

Common Sense – Vintage Bike Tour

Event date: 6 & 12 November 2022

Event hours: 2pm to 5pm

Venue of dismissal: Leung King Plaza or Butterfly Plaza

Nomadic Bike Market

Event date: 22 October 2022

First round venue: Butterfly Market G/F (besides shop M321)

First round opening hours: 12nn to 3pm


Second round venue: Leung King Plaza in G/F Foodie Yard

Second round opening hours: 4pm to 7pm


Event date: 23 October 2022

Event venue: Leung King Plaza in G/F Foodie Yard

Event hours: 1pm to 7pm


Participating brands


Themed Lifestyle Market & Yama Style Bazaar Market

Event date: 29 – 30 October, 5 – 6 & 12 – 13 & 19 – 20 November 2022

Event opening hours: 1pm to 7pm

Event venue: Leung King Plaza in G/F Foodie Yard


Participating brands


Common Sense – Coffee Workshop

Event date: 22 October 2022

Event hours: 1pm to 3pm

Event venue: Butterfly Market G/F (besides shop M321)


Event date: 23 October 2022

Event hours: 1pm to 3pm

Event venue: Leung King Plaza in 3/F (opposite shop L319)


Bike the moment – Japanese Style Bike Rental

Event date: Late November 2022 to Late February 2022

Event hours: 1pm to 6pm

Event venue: Leung King Plaza in G/F Foodie Yard