Global Car Rental Platform QEEQ Obtains Tens of Mns of USD in Investment from Fliggy

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HONG KONG, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the global tourism sector prepares for a recovery, QEEQ recently announced it has obtained tens of Mns of USD in investment from Fliggy, a leading online travel platform under Alibaba (BABA) Group.

The investment is expected to pave the way for the two parties’ joint effort to help integrate the upstream and downstream of the global travel industry chain, promote the digitalization of international car rental companies, and explore the development of a "Car Rental Plus" model.

It is also in line with the globalization strategy of Fliggy,  an online travel platform, of expanding its reach to travel industry players worldwide to play a role in their digital transformation while also enriching the travel offerings available to its users.

QEEQ completed its brand upgrade in 2020,aiming to expand into a wider range of services than just car rental. By cooperating with various large car rental platforms, and efficiently integrating resources, QEEQ has provided millions of customers worldwide with budget-friendly car rental services.

With regard to the new investment, QEEQ’s CEO, Ben Lee said: "Triumph of this investment shows Fliggy’s confidence in our company and the potential of the tourism industry. Through this collaboration, the car rental services of both sides in overseas markets will now complement and safeguard each other."

Thanks to its solid and far-sighted global presence, and with the overall recovery of the overseas travel market, QEEQ has now taken the lead in seizing the opportunity presented by this rebound in tourism. Its business has recovered rapidly, greatly exceeding pre-pandemic levels. It is worth mentioning that in 2021, QEEQ launched its own membership system, which improves user engagement, and enables every member to enjoy the exclusive privilege of traveling with rental cars. QEEQ currently has more than 2.5 million members.

Meanwhile, QEEQ has found that, amid the impact of the pandemic, global travel insiders are even more aware of the importance of digitalization. Through digital technology, QEEQ has ramped up its efforts in service capacities in the car rental industry, making it easier to meet customer expectations and improve overall car rental experience. QEEQ has offered its leading digital supplier management solutions freely to global car dealers, with an aim to improving the digitization of all aspects of car rental, and helping more rental enterprises complete and accelerate their digital transformation.

QEEQ’s CEO, Ben Lee said: "This round of financing will help QEEQ deepen its global business. By upholding the brand mission of making travel easier, QEEQ is able to reach global users with its unique services and innovation, strengthening the ecological chain of the global travel industry together with our partners, continuing to provide users with new travel experience and striving to become a world-class travel platform."