Guiding Crypto Investors through education, “CryptoPARD” HQ settles in Mong Kok, HK

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 October 2022 – The first “CryptoPARD” cryptocurrency academy will soon be launched in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

The “CryptoPARD” teamed up with experienced members in financial market, the founder, Solomon Chan , has been a proficient financial analyst for years. Together with his team, Soloman spent days and nights to develope variety of courses for with accurate information, practicable tools, engaging elements at the same time keep them easy to understand.

In early years, the founder started his research by entering the cryptocurrency market and studying the operation of the market trend in depth. He gradually gained a comprehensive understanding of the components of the entire new financial ecosystem, and became an advocate of decentralized finance (DeFi). Over the years, except for cryptocurrencies investments, Solomon also encouraged investors to make use of their savings and to diversify investing portfolios for building wealth. His success in the market developed him a sense of responsibility to help the public building up set of tools and insights while exploring the endless opportunities of cryptocurrency. Later, backed up with a team of comrades, he founded “CryptoPARD”.

With years of wealth management background, Solomon understands that continuously learning is the key to identify valuable products and capture market dynamics in the new generation of blockchain market research.

Information overload has long been problem of the new market and the wealth management trainer applied his experience and recorded repeated benefit from the market. Earlier this year, he founded out many investors has rushed into market and dropping their money in worthless shitcoins and crypto products without many market research and studies. Moreover, Hong Kong investors lack first-hand information on crypto market trend and analytic tools.

Solomon has since shared insights on Instagram and Youtube from time to time. He received more and more positive responses from time to time. Saving others from falling into obvious pitfalls sometimes returned with much more appreciation and satisfaction than helping others winning big money.

After a deep reflection, the team believes “education” is needed the most for Hong Kong investors. As the growth of novice crowd accumulate progressively in social media platform, they soon decided to settle in Mong Kok, the most populous and crowded area in Hong Kong . He conducts courses and classes at different levels to help novices transforming to competent and flexible investors. He believes that through this platform, individuals could regain their control over their wealth, and the harmonious cryptocurrency communities would follow.

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