Skywealth Financial Group announces the launch of a real estate fund, deploying future investment strategies in the sluggish market

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 31 October 2022 – Skywealth Financial Group announces the launch of a real estate fund, mainly investing in the Southeast Asian market. With the Hang Seng Index plummeting from 20,000 to 16,000, it is inevitable that the market raises concerns about a potential prolonged and devastating economic recession due to the epidemic. That said, the economy has yet to enter a hopeless territory on a macroscopic level. On one side, the Strong Dollar could be leveraged to capture exchange rate spreads by investing in other currencies. On the other side, triggered by the intensifying food and energy crises, inflation creates a huge room for appreciation of tangible assets. More importantly, amid the stock market downturn with rising interest rates, loads of high-quality land has been sold at discount, which is a great opportunity for investors to turn to the real estate market — high-yield real estate has also become the focus.

Ho Chun Lung, Founding Partner and Chairman of Skywealth Financial Group (Left), Kwok Chiu Ting, CEO of Skywealth Financial Group (Right)

Ho Chun Lung, Founding Partner and Chairman of Skywealth Financial Group (Left), Kwok Chiu Ting, CEO of Skywealth Financial Group (Right)

Skywealth Financial Group‘s strategic investment in the Southeast Asian real estate market

In the context of interest rate hikes globally, investment strategies in real estate urge for a change— acquiring discounted real estate projects for development and selling properties in the future rate cut cycle to benefit from exchange rate and property appreciation. The Group will invest in markets such as Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Kwok Chiu Ting, CEO of Skywealth Financial Group, mentioned: “We are optimistic about the real estate development in the future and target investment in discounted land in prime locations, residential property development, etc. Shareholders of the Group have profound real estate development experience, real estate network and unique financial market analysis, to create excellent investment opportunities and returns albeit the economic downturn. While major factories are relocating to Southeast Asian countries, the property price level and per capita income of Southeast Asian countries are also rising, which has performed well in the past few years. Many citizens didn’t realize that a large number of developers had eyed on the Southeast Asian markets until media reported Li Ka-shing’s investment in Vietnam real estate.”

Regarding the recent negative news in Southeast Asia, Kwok replied, “Southeast Asian countries are experiencing rapid economic growth like China’s economic reform period. Influx of large amount of foreign capital not only promotes the local economy, but also exacerbates local criminal activities. Therefore, political stability is particularly important. ” Considering countries worthy of long-term investment, the Group is optimistic about the potential growth in Vietnam and Cambodia. Vietnam’s stock market volume has surpassed that of Singapore. Many funds that once focused on China have also moved to Vietnam industries and stock market. Vietnam is expected to become the next world factory. The public lack a deep understanding of Cambodia. Cambodian Hun Sen is the longest-term prime minister among Southeast Asian countries and the political situation is relatively stable. Also, Cambodia is the only country in Southeast Asia that uses US dollar. Since Cambodia is not binded the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), a considerable amount of foreign investment is flooding into the country in recent years. The acceleration in property prices has been higher than that of Hong Kong in the past ten years, yet it is still relatively low in Southeast Asia. Hence we should instead, take advantage of the negative news to buy the dip. Only when the clouds and mists are cleared will we finally see the Sun. Only when we not go with the flow will the relics be unearthed.

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Skywealth Financial Group: one-stop financial service platform

Founded in 2018, Skywealth Financial Group is a financial services group focusing on capital markets. The overall business development is extremely diversified, covering three main areas, with 1) financial media; 2) real estate fund investment, which is also a key development business; and 3) pre-IPO investment and financing. The business scope includes real estate development, fund management, mergers and acquisitions of pre-listed companies, investment consulting, financial public relations, and financial media. The Group holds SFC Type 4 and 9 licenses. Major shareholders include Ho Chun Lung, Hon Fung, Geng Guohua, Han Junran, Wu Pak Kit and Kwok Chiu Ting, and their key management members are from listed companies and senior figures in the financial services industry. Rooted in Hong Kong with the principle of “strengthening and making good use of the capitals”, Skywealth Financial Group makes good use of resources to achieve the goal of strengthening the fundamentals, and promote enterprise development, through our financial platform with a wide range of financial services for global Chinese, including asset management, pre-IPO investment, offshore financing, listed financial public relations, media and investor education one-stop business.

Skywealth Financial Group’s fund products include pre-IPO investment funds, real estate development funds, project investment funds and market value discovery funds. Our overseas asset management legally establishes funds for state-owned or private enterprises to enter the mainland/Hong Kong through the quota of qualified domestic and foreign investors to invest in the secondary market or other investments. We also provide financing planning to assist mainland local governments, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in promoting overseas bond issuance and realizing the exponential multiplication of the value of investment projects.

Ho Chun Lung, founding partner and chairman of Skywealth Financial Group, said, “Real estate is a stable investment in the past and in the future. The public often fail to seize the best time or lose money on exchange rates despite their experience in investing in real estate. I believe our team is better positioned in analysing and investing in the real estate market. When market fears, it is the golden time to seize discounted prime land.”

Looking forward, the Group expects that once the interest rate cut cycle begins, the Southeast Asian real estate market will illustrate the trend of the past golden ten years of China’s real estate, bringing huge returns to investors.

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