Leading Asian football to NFT Shibo Entertainment Launches Exclusive Football Non-fungible Token

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 November 2022 – In the 4th quarter of 2023, Shibo Entertainment will join hands with Asia’s premier professional football league to launch a new collection of crossover NFTs. In addition to the collection of famous current players, there are also exclusive items including football legends and particularly exciting moments from the past.


The combination of NFT and blockchain

Shibo Entertainment has been constantly innovating and driving on various trends and fashions. The group has launched various series of “NFT Collection Library” according to the products of different brands including, video, data, images, etc. and of which have already been launched in 2022.

Non-fungible Token(NFT) is a digital contract certificate based on blockchain technology. NFT is verifiable, unique, indivisible, and traceable, and can be used to indicate the ownership of specific assets.

When NFTs are combined with the luxury market, photos, videos and even avatars and codes can be used to “inspire” their value to skyrocket. Taking NBA as an example, their collaboration with the Dapper Labs successfully created a series of NFTs remarking highlight in NBA games and a LeBron James highlight sold for around $200,000 usd. The potential of NFTs development in sports and brands are outrageous. For Shibo Entertainment, launching NFT collections and rebuild famous brands with Web3.0 technology will inspire new and existing customers. As far as the art collection value of digital collections is well concerned, the IPs currently issued by Shibo Entertainment are delicately designed, and their idea selection and creation have considerable collection value in terms of perspective, history, humanities and culture.

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More about Shibo Entertainment

SHIBO NFT is currently the largest entertainment NFT trading platform in Asia. In addition a Web3 software trading platform, it also enables NFT holders to sell and mint NFTs through the platform. It is the primary market for NFTs and secondary exchanges. The platform has launched NFTs in areas such as music, digital art and sports. Due to SHIBO NFT’s popularity and easy UI, artists would choose the platform for NFTs minting. The parent company, Shibo Entertainment, was established in 2020 and is headquartered in Asia. Shibo Entertainment’s previous NFT products covered digital art, encrypted collections, game props, virtual land, and domain names.