EBC Financial Group Reassures User Security and Reliability

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LONDON, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With a recent issue coming to light, EBC Financial Group reaffirms its commitment to provide a dynamic, reliable, and secure platform to traders. With state-of-the-art technology combined with decades of expertise in the segment, the brand continues to offer a series of global mainstream trading products of more than 100 CFD products such as global stocks, futures, precious metals, energy and foreign exchange to its stakeholders.

EBC Financial Group Reassures User Security and Reliability
EBC Financial Group Reassures User Security and Reliability

Recently, the group was linked to a crypto trading platform and token, EbankC, to which it is not associated with. Taking further note on this, the group is implementing proactive measures to deter further spread of unassociated websites and is reminding users that the group does not offer crypto trading.

"With many fraudulent websites on the rise in this digital age, it is crucial that service providers remain vigilant of scams that misuse the names of industry players. It is our duty to provide assurance of the services provided and for EBC Financial Group, cryptocurrency and tokens are not one of them," reaffirms David Barrett, CEO of EBC Financial Group Limited (UK).

EBC Group’s comprehensive overview of products are available at www.ebcfin.co.uk as well as affiliate sites www.ebc.com and www.ebcfin.com which details its offerings and the products that it engages with.

Regulated under two main entities, EBC Financial Group Limited (UK) and EBC Global Pty Ltd (Australia), and several other bodies, the operations of the Group’s arms and subsidiaries comply with the rules and regulations of the jurisdictions they operate in and will take necessary action to hinder any third-party use of its brand in unauthorized ventures and projects.

About EBC Financial Group

Established in London, EBC Financial Group is a leading liquidity provider. The group provides access to currency pairs, metals, commodities, indices, and stock investments globally by leveraging its diverse order flows and smart order routing across aggregated feeds – top tier banks and non-bank pools or multiple ECNs. The group is committed to offering trustworthy and foolproof online trading services to diversified clients across the globe.

Through one EBC Financial Group’s integrated account, traders are able to trade a wide range of contracts for differences (CFDs), including Derivatives, US stocks, index futures, precious metals, and energy resources.