Schneider Electric calls to embrace digitization to accelerate sustainability and efficiency

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  • Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2022 addresses the energy and climate challenges and sets out its approach and solutions in response
  • Schneider Electric’s active partnership with Hang Lung Properties and Ernst & Young, to help them make a positive impact on sustainable development
  • The company empowers corporates to achieve net zero carbon goals with its enhanced digital solutions – EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub and EcoStruxure™ for Retail Integrated Management Platform

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 8 November 2022 – Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today kicked off its Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2022 with a passionate call to accelerate digitalization for a more sustainable and efficient future, addressing the energy and climate challenges and setting out its approach and solutions in response.

Jonathan Chiu, President, Schneider Electric Hong Kong shared unique insights into sustainability trends and latest industry cases.

Jonathan Chiu, President, Schneider Electric Hong Kong shared unique insights into sustainability trends and latest industry cases.

Schneider Electric is widely recognized as a leader on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, and its products, services and other activities help customers, suppliers, business partners and communities further their own progress on those fronts. The company has long advocated for taking action to reduce energy emissions, electrify and digitalize energy ecosystems, and ensure that all this is done with economic and people welfare in mind.

“We’re in the midst of an energy transition that continues to evolve. Power consumption is projected to triple by 2050 as electrification and living standards grow, it’s vital that we deploy all the technologies that are already available now to accelerate digitization, electrification, and sustainability. Schneider Electric strives to take the lead in contributing sustainable development by joining hands with corporates to fight against climate change. Industry needs to embrace innovation and technology which can be accessed as the enabler of digitalization and automation in order to achieve sustainability and efficiency in the long run.” said Jonathan Chiu, President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong.

Recently, Schneider Electric issued a new survey titled “Building a Greener and Smarter Hong Kong” in partnership with the Business Environment Council to understand the readiness and challenges of businesses and leaders in sustainable transformation. To learn more about the study, please click here.

Digital disruption driven by cutting-edge solutions

Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2022 will bring together numerous industry leaders who will discuss ways to harness digital technologies to address common climate challenges and turn net-zero ambitions into reality.

During the event, Schneider Electric is also showcasing its commitment to digitization and electrification by partnering with customers in different segments to innovate and move to a more sustainable way of doing business.

Hang Lung Properties Transformation to net-zero across a diversified portfolio of properties

Given the critical need to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability, Schneider Electric’s cloud-based EcoStruxure™ energy management platforms including EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor and EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor, have been deployed by Hang Lung Properties to manage 20 properties across its Hong Kong and Mainland China portfolio. This has been done to enhance energy management and sustainability performance, monitor and track energy usage for identifying opportunities to optimize energy performance to accelerate corporate sustainability.

“Hang Lung Properties has been actively looking for ways to decarbonize our business and we target to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 40% by 2025. With the deployment of the cloud-based EcoStruxure platform, we can remotely collect, analyze and visualize all ESG and GHG data about assets across our portfolio at ease. It will also help accelerate our progress in achieving our ‘25 x 25 Sustainability Targets’,” said Anthony Pau, Deputy Director (Head of Group Service Delivery), Hang Lung Properties.

Ernst & Young – Shaping a smart and sustainable workplace of the future

Advances in digital technologies and IoT enabled devices are empowering companies to reshape the smart workplace. The EY member firms in Hong Kong (EY Hong Kong) have collaborated on their new headquarters with Schneider Electric to launch a workplace management platform, Planon Workplace Insights, to achieve operational excellence, maximize space and enhance employee well-being. With the support of the EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert, EY Hong Kong has reshaped its working environment, transforming individual offices into a new workspace with 12 floors and 1,700+ desks in two buildings in Hong Kong. The platform can also seamlessly integrate with the organization’s own employee mobile app, which provides real-time updates on the workplace environment. Through constantly analyzing 10,000+ data from 2,000+ IoT sensors and systems, it allows the organization to build a smart workplace.

Willy Wong, Technology Consulting Partner, EY Mtel Solutions Limited, says, “We are glad to have Schneider Electric as a collaborator in creating a complete and smart workplace that is both world-class and future proof. Their track record of delivering projects on a global scale, coupled with solid experience as a top-tier leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has made Schneider Electric a reliable business partner.”

Being part of the solution through digital disruption

As part of its ambition of accelerating sustainability and building low carbon pathways, Schneider Electric is unveiling digital innovation enhancements.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub – Future vision for sustainability

To gain visibility into energy usage, costs and performance, and energy-saving recommendations, EcoStruxure Energy Hub, a secure, easy-to-use IoT software-as-a-service solution, simplifies energy management and analysis for intelligent buildings and facilities. It features three phases of building energy management maturity:

  • Energy Compliance and Basic Awareness, helps building owners comply with building energy codes and create transparency to help drive energy-efficient and sustainable behavior. In addition to energy compliance data and electrical distribution monitoring and alarming, new enhancements allow users to allocate energy usage and costs to building tenants, driving energy usage accountability and savings.
  • Energy Performance, leverages analytics to develop deep insights into waste reduction, operational improvements and performance tracking, including energy savings tips as a new feature.
  • Energy Optimization, helps organizations drive continuous energy improvement in building operations without needing to invest in expensive and sophisticated on-premise automation systems.

EcoStruxure for Retail Integrated Management Platform – Driving growth, achieving operational and energy efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction

To cope with increasing expectations from millennial customers, retailers need a single platform to monitor, keep track, and control of all the systems, such as refrigeration, HVAC, energy, IT and security control in individual stores or an entire portfolio of buildings. With the EcoStruxure for Retail Integrated Management Platform, retailers can ensure that mission-critical retail systems are always up and running, with reliable and efficient tools providing 24/7 monitoring, in which the new capability of 3D modelling enables store layout rendering. It also simplifies the complexity of multi-site operations while preventing inventory loss and downtime, ensuring energy efficiency and an exceptional shopping experience.
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