XTrend Speed has launched a two-step marketing strategy: enter the sports industry, and subsidize the charity

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HONG KONG, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The sports market has been the flavor of investors from all walks of life. Its market size reaches US$ one trillion around the world, and it brings immeasurable resulting benefits to a brand. In line with a two-step marketing strategy, XTrend Speed will expand the market and pursue the development by entering the sports industry and subsidizing the charity.

In late 2022, XTrend Speed sponsored ACF Fiorentina because it believes the sports industry, an important part of emerging strategic industries, will be a new driver of its own development. The sports industry is expected to support XTrend Speed expanding its influence and further improving its development as well as growth.

As a professional broker, XTrend Speed has been committed to a user-friendly trading app in accordance with the principle of "Customer First". More than 10,000,000 users have signed up for an account since XTrend Speed was available. It is in the top ten list in investment, and it has won such awards as Best Forex Trading App – Asia.

XTrend Speed CEO Sydney Maidza said: "XTrend Speed will seize the opportunity and respond to the market trend flexibly while pursuing its development. It has also opened new pathways for development, launching a two-step marketing strategy. It has made a name for himself by entering the sports industry and sponsoring ACF Fiorentina, thus expanding the market and pursuing a long-term development. It has made every effort to help the world build a human community with a shared future and contribute to a common prosperity via subsidizing the charity cause.".

In terms of the sports industry, XTrend Speed is an active participant in it. In late 2022, it sponsored ACF Fiorentina (2022-2023 season), indicating it markets its brand from online to offline, so as to further increase its influence and expand its user community.

XTrend Speed sponsored ACF Fiorentina where they are such excellent players as Dušan Vlahović, Nikola Milenkovic and Luka Jović. They also participate in the 2022 World Cup. Hope they can do well in this competition.

In terms of charity, XTrend Speed has kept a close eye on water security and grain supply in Africa, and has stayed in close touch with some charities. Water shortage and insufficient grain supply have endangered African people’s health. In line with the principle of "common prosperity is real prosperity", XTrend Speed has been doing what it can do in alleviating the poverty. 

When Ukrainian people were on edge in early 2022, XTrend Speed actively donated and took actual actions to support people in difficulty.

About XTrend Speed

XTrend Speed is an authorized financial service provider in South Africa, and is regulated by FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) under the FSP license number 23497.

In 2022, XTrend Speed wins 6 awards including Best Forex Trading App – Asia and Best Mobile Broker Award – Europe. More than 3000 users write reviews about XTrend Speed on Trustpilot (a review platform) where a rating is 4.8.

XTrend Speed provides more than 260 instruments about Forex, commodity, index and stock. It pushes small investment (invest from $2) and features such functions as Watch Live that livestreams the market analysis, Starters School, News, Copy Trading. With the help of these, both novices and masters can find investment that works for them in XTrend Speed.

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