SOLARR Inks Strategic Partnerships with UKIIC Accelerator and MRM Family in UK and EU Expansion

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Partnerships and Funding Accelerates Cross-Border Web3 Collaboration in Virtual Economy

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 December 2022 – SOLARR today announced new partnerships with UKIIC Accelerator and MRM Family Office. The recently sealed partnerships will accelerate SOLARR’s global ecosystem expansion efforts into the United Kingdom and European Union as the company taps into cross-border collaborative opportunities to advance the growth of Web3 and the virtual economy.

Left: SOLARR’s Founder & CEO, Alex Lee addressing an audience of lawmakers, philanthropists, business leaders, and innovators at the UK Parliament’s House of Lords.
Right: SOLARR showcases Web3 use cases at TOKEN2049 London.

“We see significant synergy between UKIIC’s expertise and SOLARR’s Web3 ambitions,” said Professor Yu Xiong, President of UKIIC Accelerator and Director of the newly established Surrey Academy for Blockchain and Metaverse Applications. “SOLARR’s distinctive Web3 commerce and finance platform forms an integral part in UKIIC’s robust ecosystem in accelerating the on-going digital transformation initiatives in the UK, while UKIIC’s expertise in fostering startups and supporting entrepreneurs will be beneficial in helping SOLARR establish new business foothold in the UK.”

Increasing Ground in the EU

MRM Family actively invests in impact initiatives in the EU and Africa and is looking to leverage Web3 technologies like NFT, DAO, and metaverse to achieve a more economically-viable, inclusive, and scalable impact. Through its partnership with SOLARR, MRM will both invest directly in SOLARR and extend to SOLARR its EU portfolio companies and partnership network for enabling Web3 adoption and transformation.

Lee and key executives from SOLARR were in London recently to participate in TOKEN2049 London, a premier digital asset event featuring leading Web3 companies and thought leaders in the global development of blockchain and digital assets.

Accelerating the World’s Transition into the Decentralised Digital Economy

SOLARR is building the infrastructure and paving the way to accelerate the world’s transition into the decentralised digital economy. The company is charting the next frontier in Web3 by bridging the combined power of decentralisation and Web3 technologies through commerce, finance, and the metaverse virtual economy.

“We are thrilled to expand our portfolio with the addition of SOLARR who will play a major role in numerous digital transformation projects we are currently supporting,” said Maria Milford, Founding Partner and CEO of MRM Family (Europe and Asia).

Building the Case for Web3 and Digital Transformation

This news comes following SOLARR’s recent attendance at the UK Parliament’s House of Lords, which plays a crucial role in reviewing legislation and investigating public policy. Under the invitation of Baroness Manzila Uddin, Co-Chair of the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Metaverse and Web 3.0, and UKIIC Accelerator, SOLARR’s Founder & CEO, Alex Lee represented the voice of Hong Kong’s Web3 practitioners and industry frontrunners to showcase the latest Web3 use cases across different industries.

Addressing an audience of lawmakers, philanthropists, business leaders, and innovators at the House of Lords, Lee said, “Digital transformation is not only fundamentally changing how businesses operate, generate profits, and interact with their customers, but is also leading the world towards a ‘new era’ of global unity. The transformation effectively breaks barriers by enabling faster, secured, frictionless cross-border interactions and a scalable global peer-to-peer network.”

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SOLARR is a DeFi-integrated Web3 commerce platform, empowering users to increase utility, unlock value, and liquify NFTs within a secure decentralized digital commerce platform connected to the metaverse virtual economy. SOLARR’s mission is to accelerate NFT mass-adoption with utility, accessibility, and liquidity. Ultimately, SOLARR’s vision is to facilitate the world’s transition into the decentralised digital economy.

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