Deepen Implementation of Building China-Laos Community with Shared Future and Jointly Build the ” PUSUNE Digital College”

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HONG KONG, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On 12 December, Neusoft Education Technology Co. Limited (東軟教育科技有限公司) (hereinafter referred to as "Neusoft Education" or "the Company"; Stock code: 9616.HK)  together with Pu`er University in Yunnan and Laos Souphanouvong University, held a signing ceremony for the joint building of the " PUSUNE Digital College" at Xikang Wellness & Resorts in Pu’er, Yunnan Province, less than half a month after Thongloun Sisoulith, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and President of Laos , paid a visit to China. Through the training of digital tech talents in higher education, vocational education and digital entrepreneurship education, the three parties will cultivate digital tech talents for Laos, to implement the goal of further deepening the building of ChinaLaos community with shared future set out in the China-Laos Joint Statement and promote the development of digital economy in ASEAN countries through educational cooperation. Ma Wenhui, the president of Pu’er University, Tian Yang, the vice president of Pu’er University, Liu Jiren, the founder of Neusoft and chairman of Neusoft Education Technology Group and Li Yingao, a senior vice president of Neusoft Education Technology Group, attended the event. Wang Yuan, the director of International Exchange and Cooperation in the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, Wu Xuerong, deputy mayor of Pu ‘er, and Surit, vice president of Laos Souphanouvong University as well as others, attended the ceremony on-line.

In his speech, Mr. Ma Wenhui, president of Pu’er University, expressed his firm confidence in the tripartite cooperation to jointly build the "PUSUNE Digital College" and said that through the strong alliance among the three parties with their resources advantages, they would explore and implement new ideas, new models and new measures for majors construction and international talent training, further strengthen the integration of industries, universities and research, as well as the integration of cities, universities and communities, so as to provide large-scale and international digital tech talents support for the construction of "The Belt and Road".

Surit, vice president of Laos Souphanouvong University, said that cooperation in education between China and Laos is what Souphanouvong University has been longing for and actively promoting. The economic and social development of Laos is in urgent need for the support of a large number of digital talents, which is also what the development of the interconnected "Digital Silk Road" needs in urgent. Surit hopes that the Lao students who will enter the PUSUNE Digital College to study will continue to enhance their knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry and profession, and improve their digital skills and literacy. It is believed that with the strong support from Neusoft Education and Pu’er University, the "PUSUNE Digital College" will become an important talent training base for the development of Laos’ digital economy in the future, further stimulating the economic vitality of Laos and regions along "The Belt and Road" routes.

Liu Jiren, the founder of Neusoft and chairman of Neusoft Education, pointed out that the digital economy has become the core driving force of the world’s economic development. Neusoft Education is a university-incubated enterprise that started its business at the beginning by talent training at Northeastern University and has developed into what it is today. During the course of developing its digital economy, China becomes more aware of the importance of education to the development of digital economy. Neusoft understands market demand through industries, cultivates talents the market needs through the running of universities, participating in the information construction ofChinese society, transforming what we have accumulated into characteristic educational concepts, methods, models, systems and standards, and empowering the high-quality development of regular institutions of higher learning and vocational institutions at home and abroad through digitisation, productisation and platformisation. Today, we are excited to see the cooperation plan of the three parties to jointly build the "PUSUNE Digital College", to promote the digitalisation of the communities, industries and lives in Laos and countries along "The Belt and Road" routes by digital tech talents. 

Pu’er University is a provincial university in Yunnan Province, also known as "A University at A National Gate " for Pu’er’s bordering on Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar, and is also one of the colleges with the largest number of full-time undergraduate students from Laos in China. In the new era, Pu’er University treats it as its mission to develop digital talents for ASEAN countries, especially after the opening of the China-Laos Railway, which has also established a smooth channel for the development of education along The Belt and Road routes.

As a leading IT higher education technology group in China, Neusoft Education Technology Group has established a solid foundation for cooperation through the "Digital Industrial College " built jointly with Pu’er University, in the areas of intelligent education platform and resources exporting, construction of majors including software engineering, digital media and e-commerce, education of international students and exchange and training of teachers.

Souphanouvong University is a public university ranking the 2nd in the country, located in Luang Prabang, Laos, and is named after Prince Souphanouvong, the first President of Laos who was known as the "Red Prince".

In this cooperation, Neusoft Education Technology Group will provide high-quality intelligent education platforms and resources, and the three parties will jointly foster clusters of advantageous majors, deepen the connotation construction of majors, with emphasis on the "university-local government, university-enterprises, university-university" joint development of software engineering, digital media, e-commerce and other majors.

In his speech, Wu Xuerong deputy mayor of Pu’er City expressed the hope that the "PUSUNE Digital College" jointly built by the three parties could integrate into and serve the economic and social development of Pu’er at a deeper level, and that Pu’er will fully support the college to become a distinctive and high-level model international industrial college.

Wang Yuan, the director of International Exchange and Cooperation in the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education said that to jointly build the "PUSUNE Digital College" by the three parties through "university-local government, university-enterprises, university-university" cooperation is an important measure by Yunnan Province to deepen the implementation of the building of ChinaLaos community with shared future. It is believed that it will not only promote further cooperation between China and Laos in education, technology, talents and other related fields, but also promote the linkage of the overall digital economy development and the building of a large education system in Laos and countries along "The Belt and Road" routes.

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