In the interest of transparency, Harbour Times is happy to disclose connections of owners and senior management. For Andrew Work:

The Lion Rock Institute

Mr Work is a co-founder of the Institute and has been a Director since its inception. He donates to the Institute. You should too.

McGill University

Mr Work is a proud graduate (B.Sc.) and former President of the McGill Society of Hong Kong.

University of Victoria

It’s not just pretty, it’s a damn fine school. Yes, a graduate (MBA). Love it.

The Canadian Club of Hong Kong and Canadian International School (CDNIS)

President of The Canadian Club of Hong Kong (est 1949). The Club currently holds an ex-officio seat on the Board of Governors that it has resigned in protest along with 6 other Governors and two Members in November 2014. The Club maintains its right to resume its seat until the Articles of Association are amended and no such right exists.

Furthermore, in light of his strong opinions expressed in these pages and elsewhere, he was politely asked to leave his leadership role at the 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group, after seven years as a leader.

Accordingly, built up strong relations with many of the former administration while a Scout leader and when Executive Director of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

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