The Week Ahead August 18th

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LegCo is on hold for the summer but the Ebola crisis in Africa draws members back to meet on Friday. Also, Beijing officials are in frequent meetings with Hong Kong politicians this week.

A quick glance at the week ahead. Democracy, derivatives rules.

Monday, August 18th
1. Third meeting of the Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee to discuss the EIA report on the Third Runway. Some members are concerned with the conservation efforts to protect the marine life.

2. Second meeting of the Liaison officers and pan-democrats to discuss the constitutional reform before the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress convenes next week.

3. Consultation on Mandatory Reporting and Related Record Keeping Rules for OTC Derivatives Market ends today.

Tuesday, August 19th
1. Third day for the Liaison officers to meet with pan-democrats.

2. The Law Society will follow up on all three motions that were approved last week: No-confidence in President Ambrose Lam, a request for Lam to withdraw his statement on White Paper and the Society to issue a statement to stand for judicial independence.

Wednesday, August 20th
1. Last day for the Liaison officers to meet with pan-democrats.

2. Ocuppy Central trio will meet with Alliance for True Democracy and Federation of Students. They will plan for ocuppying Central should the Beijing recommended (mandated?) threshold turn out to be a minimum of 50% of the Nomination Committee size.

Thursday, August 21st
1. Beijing officials including Basic Law Committee Chairman Li Fei are coming to Shenzhen to meet with LegCo members but not all of the 70 LegCo members will attend.

Friday, August 22nd

1. Special meeting of Panel on Health Services in LegCo will discuss the measures for the prevention and control of Ebola virus disease.