Week Review August 22nd

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Not all the interesting news makes it into the English media. Cassy Chau finds some of the more interesting curios of Hong Kong political life that you might have missed this week.

Che San Group brings war on trees home to Bowen Road


A petition has been raised by Alliance for A Beautiful Hong Kong for rejecting the proposed vehicular access to 17 Bowen Road. An application has been filed with the Town Planning Board to rezone certain Government Land along Bowen Road from its current Green Belt zoning in order to allow for the construction of private vehicle access road to a single residential property development . The residential property is owned by the Fung family, who ran the Che San Group specializing in trading imported paper and ink.  Presumably trees were harmed in the making of this fortune – and would  be again to create the road.There are more than 1500 signatories to the petition thus far.


Undercover journalists, undercover marchers


Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) published a statement on August 19th expressing their “regret” regarding The Alliance for Peace and Democracy accusations against Cable TV regarding their July 17th-march reportage. The Alliance said the participating groups would take legal actions against Cable TV.  


The Alliance used the term ‘bud-grafting (移花接木)’ – a horticultural term recruited into the Hong Kong political lexicon. It suggests artificially connecting one thing to another to create a false impression.  Here, it seems they suggested the appearance of a few people receiving money was used to falsely intimate that groups were paying people en masse, suggesting the whole march was a paid afternoon of work, not a political statement.


There were some people marching for peace and democracy and some may consider the march high-paying part-time work. Chinese media uncovered suspected payments to marchers among the following associations:


  • Cable TV: Hong Kong Heyuan Societies offered HK$380
  • Cable TV: Hong Kong Youth Association offered HK$250
  • Ming Pao: Federation of Hong Kong Shenzhen Association offered HK$ 300
  • Ming Pao:  New Hong Kongese of HuiZhou offered free gift like daily necessities
  • Apple Daily: Federation of HK Guangxi Community Organizations offered HK$200-$350
  • Apple Daily: Hong Kong Changle Association offered HK$350
  • Apple Daily: Guangdong HuiZhou Association offered HK$380
  • Economic Journal: Unknown offered HK$400
  • Oriental Daily: Unknown offered HK$300


Until now, the Alliance only admitted that Hong Kong Heyuan Societies paid marchers.


Impatient students striking


Alex Chow Yong-kang, the Hong Kong Federation of Students Secretary-General, said HKFS would organise a student’s strike if Beijing banned the “civil nomination”. He further disclosed there are already 100 professors supporting this action at this moment.


Members’ review of the Beijing visit


Legislator Cyd Ho Sau-lan (GC- Hong Kong Island, Labour Party) reviewed her meeting with Li Fei, and other senior officials of Central Government in a radio program. She said Li Fei had a strong stance in his own beliefs, and she is not optimistic for Pan-democrats and the Government to reach a consensus. She also added Li Fei’s said most pan-democrats “love the country and love Hong Kong”, but Li didn’t mention specify who are those “love the country and love Hong Kong”. Cyd regarded it as a strategy to divide and conquer pan-democrats.

On the other hand, Jasper Tsang, Chairman of LegCo, said the atmosphere of the meeting was pleasant, and both parties expressed their own views on constitutional reforms.  


Judicial Review on the Constitutional Reforms report

Martin Lee Chu-ming is planning to seek a judicial review on the Report on the Public Consultation on the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016. He said the Report is biased, and does not show the real opinions of Hong Kong people. Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee (GC- Hong Kong Island, NPP) regards the act as “non-constructive”.