Former ‘Undergrad’ Editor in Chief hits back at CE

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Cassy Chau, HT investigative reporter and Undergrad alumni, spoke to former Undergrad Editor in Chief Leung Kai-ping. Photo credit: Leung Kai-ping

In today’s Policy Address, the CE came out of the gates hammering down on the HKU publication Undergrad and in particular a book they published, “Hong Kong Nationalism”.  According to the CE, “It advocates that Hong Kong should find a way to self-reliance and self-determination.”  He asks “political figures with close ties to the leaders of the student movement to advie them against putting forward such fallacies.”

Mr Leung was not impressed.  He says,

“I think it’s extremely inappropriate for a CE to openly criticize a student publication during his policy address. It puts huge political pressure on all university student unions and their editorial boards and clearly threatens our freedom of speech and freedom of press.”

“Youngsters took various important roles in the latest Umbrella Movement as leaders, organizers and participants. They are not subject to any Pan-democrat leaders. A rebellious sentiment clearly exists among them and they are ready to fight for democracy at the expense of their health and even future. I think CY Leung want to stigmatise these youngsters and supporters for the Umbrella Movement by quoting Undergrad and label them as “secessionists”.”
He continues, “The only way to temper this rebellious sentiment, or what we call “localism/nationalism”, is to respect HK people and allow democracy to be implemented.”