The Week Ahead February 16th

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Not the best atmosphere to welcome the Lunar New Year after what have been a very long week for lawmakers and government officials. Still, there are signs of excitement in the form of cyber security monitoring.




February 16 Monday


Cyber Security and Techonolgy Crime Bureau to top the agenda

The establishment Subcommittee will discuss the creation of a permanent post of Chief Superintendent to head the Cyber Security and Techonolgy Crime Bureau with immediate effeconce it is approved by the Financial Committee. Critics suspect that the Bureau is targetting online political activists rather than ‘common’ technology crimes, and they have a point. It is reported that the Police have ordered the removal of 101 online information and websites in the past 4 months since the Occupy movement – a figure surpassing the sum for the past 4 years. Next fiscal-year’s Financial Committee meetings will be anything but dull.

Legislation on procedures of Competition Tribunal

The Judiciary Administration has proposed procedural and specific rules of the Competition Tribunal for the Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services to assess. The LegCo is likely to form a subcommittee to study the draft rules before moving for negative vetting.

Increasing concerns over internet and electronic privacy issues

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data will report to the LegCo. Statistics show that there is a sharp increase of 44% in internet-related enquiries, including cyber-profiling, excessive collection of personal data and cyber-bullying, from 425 cases in 2013 to 611 cases in 2014. The report also pay particular attention to the Electronic Health Record Sharing System which enables public and private medical staff to share patients’ health record.



February 17 Tuesday


Rimsky Yuen to visit Sri Lanka

Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen will attend the Conference of Asian Attorneys General in Colombo, Sri Lanka in his second stop on South Asia tour. He will discuss Hong Kong’s role in Asia with attorneys general and officials across the region.

New private healthcare facilities regulation

29 deputations will attend a special meeting called by the Panel on Health Service to discuss regulation of private healthcare facilities. The Government has proposed replacing the Hospital, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes
Registration Ordinance and the Medical Clinics Ordinance with new legislation on aspects including price transparency, handling of senitel events and penalty for offences to better regulate private healthcare facilities

Elections for Subcommittee Chairmen

Three subcommittees will have their new chairmen elected on Tuesday. They are the Subcommittee on Registration of Copyright Licensing Bodies (Amendment) Regulation 2015, Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2015 and Registered Designs (Amendment) Rules 2015, the Subcommittee on Port Control (Public Cargo Working Area) Order 2015, and the Subcommittee on Registration of Copyright Licensing Bodies (Amendment) Regulation 2015, Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2015 and Registered Designs (Amendment) Rules 2015



February 18 Wednesday


Last LegCo meeting in the Year of the Horse

The Bills Committee on Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 2015 will elect its new chairman and mark the end of the Year of the Horse.

Cross-departmental arrangement to handle tourism flows in “Golden Week”

The Immigration Department, Police Force and other related departments will carry out joint operations to monitor tourism flows during the Lunar New Year “Golden Week” (Feb 18 to 24). Customs and Excise Department and the Police will also increase patrolling on stores serving Mainland tourists. With anti-parallel traders sentiment reaching its climax, it’s likely that the Police will be prepared for any potential protests.

First Deadline for ATV

ATV will need to pay for its licence fees by Wednesday and March 18th as required by the Communications Authority. Failure to do so will trigger off the proceedings to revocate its broadcast licence.



February 19 Thursday – Kung Hei Fat Choy (Happy Lunar New Year)!


20 private hospitals or clinics available

According to a list released by the Hong Kong Medical Association, only 20 private hospitals or clinics will be operating on Lunar New Year’s Day. It is worried that A&Es in public hospitals will be packed with patients and that prices for private medical services may increase by 50% on the day.



February 20 Friday