Harbour Crossings March 13th

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Gary Fan criticised his fellow party member who has quit the party on Wednesday and the city has a new MPF chief.


Split within Neo Democrats

Community Director of Neo Democrats Ventus Lau (劉穎匡) quit the party on Wednesday following the row he had with the party on whether the student societies should leave the Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS). Mr Lau is the convenor of CUHK Local Society which urges CUHK Student Society to quit HKFS. Neo Democrat lawmaker Gary Fan (范國威) criticised Lau’s abrupt resignation for impacting the party’s preparation in a District Election year. Lau was absent from the party’s caucus to explain his move before he resigned. In an interview with Cactus, Mr Fan described Lau’s move as a “set-up” and said he has no “political morality”.


New MPF chief

Dr David Wong Yau-kar (黃友嘉) was appointed as Chairman of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. Dr Wong is currently a NPC deputy and Managing Director of United Overseas Investments Ltd. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago and has been an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.


BPA’s lawmaker Mr Abraham Shek Lai-him (石禮謙) and Mr Kingsley Wong Kwok (黃國), member of the Minimum Wage Commission, were appointed as Non-Executive Directors.


No change in the Communications Authority

Incumbent Chairperson Ambrose Ho (何沛謙) and all nine non-official members were re-appointed. Mr Ho is a Senior Counsel at Sir Oswald Cheung’s Chambers.


Member list:

  • Mr Au Man-ho (區文浩)
  • Mr Felix Fong Wo (方和)
  • Mrs Lucia Li Li Ka-lai (李李嘉麗)
  • Mr Alan Lui Siu-lun (雷紹麟)
  • Mr Hubert Ng Ching-wah (伍清華)
  • Dr Anthony William Seeto Yiu-wai (司徒耀煒)
  • Dr Carlye Tsui Wai-ling (徐尉玲)
  • Mr Adrian Wong Koon-man (黃冠文)
  • Mr Raymond Roy Wong (黃應士)