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Once-a-week entry for Shenzhen residents; Commissioner on water cannon, Post-’80 pan-dems form new platform. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

Guangdong authorities set to limit Shenzhen residents’ entries to once per week.
– It was reported that the Guangdong authorities have imposed a once-a-week limit on multiple-entry permits to Hong Kong for Shenzhen residents
– The number of visitors from the neighbouring city is expected to drop by 30% under the new measure
– Spokesman for the HKSAR Government said that “any adjustment of the ‘multiple-entry’ policies will be announced by the Central Government”

Andy Tsang: Police arrests legitimate and water cannon necessary.
– Police Commissioner Andy Tsang, after attending a passing-out parade, told reporters that the purchase of three water cannon vehicles is necessary “to cope with demonstrations with increasing violence”
– Meanwhile, responding to recent releases of anti-parallel trading activists by the courts, Tsang said he would not comment on specific cases while it is not the Police’s responsibility to consider the chance of conviction when enforcing law

HKMA head stresses fiscal sustainability.
– Delivering a lecture in the University of Hong Kong, Chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Norman Chan warned of over-spending which could lead to a condition of “collective irresponsibility syndrome” that he noticed in many developed countries including the US
– Chan said the Government should be aware of fiscal unsustainability as it is preparing for budget deficits in the foreseeable future
– Financial Secretary John Tsang meanwhile reiterated that investors should be “vigilant” in light of current upsurge in the stock market

CY Leung on Chinese medicine and co-operation on public health with the mainland.
– CY Leung met the visiting Vice-Minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) and Commissioner of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) Wang Guoqiang, pledging further co-operation with the two bodies on refining the public health system
– Leung also told Wang that he is eager to promote internationalisation of the Hong Kong’s Chinese medicine industry

Politics (general)
Nelson Wong unmoved by criticisms from within.
– Democratic Party central committee member Nelson Wong said he is not going to back down on his call for a more moderate approach toward political reform while stating that he will not quit the party despite internal criticisms pointing against him
– Meanwhile, LegCo president Jasper Tsang hoped that the Government should strive for a plan which can “satisfies the majority of pan-dem lawmakers” so that it will not be down to his vote in the LegCo to decide the fate of the political reformPost-’80 pan-dems vow to reform district councils.
– 40 Post-’80 members from the Democratic Party, Civic Party, Labour Party and Neo Democrats, including 12 DCs and 28 district organisers, joint hands to form a new platform (in Chinese) “District Politics – Reformation (direct translation)”
– Civic Party’s Tat Cheng, one of the proponents, said their goal is to gather force among pan-dems of younger generations to break the current state in District Councils in which the pro-establishment camp has dominated the consultation mechanism

HongKongers should feel “blessed” to have ‘One country, two systems’, says mainland academic.
– Speaking at a discussion forum on the Basic Law, Tsinghua University Law School Dean Wang Zhenmin said (in Chinese) that HongKongers should feel blessed as details of the handover were compromised at a time when China has started recovering and prospering, or else the city might not be able to enjoy ‘one country, two systems’
– Wang also said that the Central Government has been the “pushing hands” behind the city’s democratic development