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Parallel trading won’t vanish; Ronny Tong dismisses talks on new party; HKU’s first Chinese head dies at 94. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (general)
“Parallel trading won’t stop” – Reactions to new cap on multiple-entry permits.
– The new once-a-week limit imposed on multiple-entry permits to Hong Kong can be launched as early as today
– Spokesman of North District Parallel Imports Concern Group Ronald Leung said the new policy is “better than nothing”, but raised concern over parallel trading organisations recruiting (in Chinese) more HongKongers to do the job
– Basic Law Committee member Lau Nai-keung mocked (in Chinese) that “parallel trading won’t stop” as “there are genes of parallel trading in HongKongers’ blood”
– New People’s Party’s Michael Tien described the measure as a “late-coming spring”
– A visitor from Shenzhen said it is unfair that Hong Kong visitors are not bounded by the same rule
Third runway escape route under PLA firing range.
– It was reported that the proposed route for planes approaching the Third runway to abort the landing could be under threat as they will need to avoid entering a no-fly zone above the Castle Peak site designated for firing for the PLA
– The Civil Aviation Department replied that the existing two runways managed to handle aborted landings above the no-fly zone “safely and efficiently at all times”
– Activist group Civic Passion organised (in Chinese) a protest against the project yesterday at the Hong Kong International Airport Terminal One
Not the right time for talks on new party, says Ronny Tong.
– About 20 people, including HKU political economy professor Richard Wong Yue-chim, CUHK economics professor Sung Yun-wing and moderate Democrat Tik Chi-yuen, attended the first meeting of a new political platform hosted by moderate pan-dem Ronny Tong
– Attendees discussed the future of Hong Kong after the vote on political reform rather than the reform itself
– Tong said attendees agreed not to discuss the probability of forming a new political party at the time being
Former Secretary for Education on national education and political reform.
– Michael Suen, the then Secretary for Education when mass protest against making national education an independent subject, said he advised against the move, admitting that it was a sensitive issue
– Suen said he should have made Chinese history a compulsory subject instead
– Meanwhile, when commenting on developments in the political reform, Suen said that Pan-dems lawmakers have been adopting an uncompromising posture only because they fear losing votes in the DC and LegCo elections if they backed down
HKU’s first Chinese Vice-Chancellor passed away at 94.
– Dr Rayson Huang, the 10th Vice-Chancellor of HKU who was the first Chinese to hold the position, passed away on last Wednesday in the UK
– Huang is a chemist specialising in free radical
– Huang had also been the Vice-Chancellor of the Nanyang University in Singapore, a LegCo member and a member of the Basic Law Drafting Committee
China & World
Money from Hong Kong reportedly funding North Korea’s ’embassy’ in Tokyo.
– It was reported that Hong Kong money (about HKD64 million) has been involved to fund the purchase of the headquarters of Chongryun, North Korea’s de-facto embassy in Japan
– Such a transfer could have violated the UN resolution to sanction North Korea
– It was suggested that the Chinese authorities might be behind the transfer to help North Korea to stay in the building