High Tide (July 3rd 2015) – Daily Political Roundup

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CY meeting with Civic Party unconstructive; John Tsang’s case for CE building; Tate’s Cairn Tunnel Toll increase approved.

 Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

CY Leung meeting with Civic Party fails to mend broken relationship.
– CY Leung met (ch) Civic Party legislators for half an hour, including, Alan Leong, Claudia Mo, Dennis Kwok and Kwok Ka Ki.
– The Chief Executive has been on a mission to narrow the current political divide (that he probably helped widen) after meeting the Liberal Party and FTU in the past week.
– Alan Leong said the meeting was not constructive, saying they didn’t receive satisfactory responses to a number of questions.
– The Civic Party leader criticised CY Leung for suggesting to renew the the executive-legislative relationship on one day and then blasting the pandemocrat camp the next.

Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen travels to Beijing.
– The Secretary for Justice will visit Beijing from July 3 to 6.
– During his stay, Rimsky Yuen will meet with officials of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council to “discuss issues of mutual concern”.
– This announcement comes a day after the NPSCS passed a sweeping security law that, while not legally binding, calls for Hong Kong to safe guard national security.

LegCo committee has closed-door investigation against Long Hair and Lee Cheuk-Yan.
– A LegCo committee headed (ch) by DAB’s Ip Kwok-him will look into allegations of the pandem legislators accepting donations from media mogul Jimmy Lai.
Jimmy Lai attended the initial meeting on July 2nd.
– Ip suggests that the investigation won’t be completed until the next LegCo year.

Political (General)

John Tsang’s CE case building after being blessed by Xi’s handshake.
– After President Xi Jinping greeted Finance Secretary John Tsang with a warm hand shake at a recent AIIB meeting, speculation has been building that the greeting was a sign Beijing would allow Tsang to run for Chief Executive in 2017.
– Media sources who are in the know have suggested (ch) that the business sector has never liked CY, and Tsang has shown he can play well with others.
– James Tien believes (ch), while we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on a handshake, John Tsang would be a good candidate since he has a good rapport with pandems, the business sector and the media.
– Former CE candidate and financial secretary Henry Tang, said (ch) it would be a good thing if John Tsang decided to run, but emphasised he won’t disclose whether he supports him.

Tung Chee Hwa’s think tank has first meeting since reform veto.
– The Our Hong Kong Foundation, headed by former CE Tung Chee Hwa, met to discuss economic and livelihood issues.
– Media sources revealed that Tung lamented that lack of political talent in Hong Kong, and suggested we need mroe constructive oppositions.
– Former Secretary of Justice Leung Oi Sie told the media that Beijing was happy with the political reform efforts, and said the pro-establishment will not be punished for their blundered walk out.

Jasper Tsang has plans to set up think tank after LegCo president stint is over.
– The DAB founder told local newspapers that, after he completes his tenure in LegCo next year, he will set up an independent think tank, focusing on policy research.
– Tsang said his think tank would not be involved in elections, but would welcome candidates to purchase its research if they felt they could use it.
– Tsang also said (ch) it would be impossible for Beijing to minimise pandem’s seats to less than 1/3 of LegCo to pass their reform package, hence compromise between the two parties is required.

Tate’s Cairn Tunnel Toll increase approved by ExCo.
– The weighted average rate of increase will be 11.9 per cent.
– The increments are $1 for buses, $2 for motorcycles and $3 for private cars, taxis and every additional axle in excess of two, while the tolls for light buses and goods vehicles remain unchanged.
– According to the Government’s assessment, the traffic impact of the toll increase on the road network linking Sha Tin and Kowloon is not likely to be significant
– The last toll increase at the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel was effected on August 1, 2013