High Tide (July 30th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Police note rise of ‘Official’ fraud calls in July; HKU alumni group plans on no-confidence vote against Arthur Li. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Police note upsurge of social media and telephone deceptions.
– Police Director of Crime and Security Lo Mung-hung reported that a total of 34,034 cases of crimes was recorded in the first half of 2015, representing a slight increase of 0.3% over the same period of 2014
– Lo noted a significant increase in the ‘Pretend Mainland Officials’ fraud
– In July alone, 729 reports were recorded with 263 cases resulting in an accumulated loss of HKD85.4m
– 200 such cases were recorded in the first half of 2015
– Social media deception through hacking into others’ social media accounts was also doubled from 466 cases in the first half of 2014 to 940 cases in 2015

Government reports excessive lead found in another housing estate.
– Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Chueng announced latest findings of excessive lead in water in Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate
– Chueng said a quick government test suggested that the lead was from soldering materials
– Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man, meanwhile, reported 23 residents of Kai Ching Estate, including 15 children and a pregnant woman, recorded blood lead levels slightly above the international standard

Statistics department releases details of sub-divided housing units.
– The Consensus and Statistics Department released data concerning sub-divided units in Hong Kong
– It was found that there are currently 86,400 sub-divided units accommodating around 195,500 residents
– 40% of the residents aged between 25 to 44; 69.8% were engaged in economic activities while 37.5% said it was for commuting convenience

CY Leung to take a 10-day summer vacation.
– CY Leung will be away from Hong Kong for a nine-day-and-a-half vacationstarting from today until morning of August 8
– This is the third time CY Leung took a leave in 2015

Political (General)

HKU faces crisis of governance as alumni set to launch no-confidence vote on CE-appointed Council member.
– After a dramatic night of flying bottle and fallen professor, the HKU Council is in turmoil as its postgraduate student representative, Aloysius Arokiaraj, resignedfrom the council, saying that the council’s decisions “fall short of my expected standards”
– Meanwhile, the HKU alumni and staff group Convocation announced a plan to hold a no-confidence vote against the pro-Beijing council member Arthur Li
– HKU vice-chancellor Peter Mathieson sent a letter to students criticising those who stormed the meeting place of the council members on Tuesday night
– Johannes Chan, the pro-democracy candidate tapped for the pro-vice-chancellor position, ridiculed the council’s decision to defer the appointment
– Chan also confirmed that a middleman assigned by some council members had asked him more than once to withdraw from the selection process

ATV to resume morning and noon news sessions.
– Ip Ka-po, CEO of ATV, announced (ch) that the troubled and recently fined television broadcast would resume its morning and noon news sessions starting from August 1
– Meanwhile, it was reported (ch) that Jimmy Lai’s Next Media will be renamed “Next Digital” as it undergoes corporate reorganisation